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Are you an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur?

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Want a home based business but have zero money? Relax, you don’t need it! No office space either? Chill, use the kitchen bench. No time? Turn off the TV. Get the picture?

You need to push forward and unleash your creative juices – this appears to be the motto for many successful home businesses today. So the question to help you along is:

Are you an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

Before I explain the difference, check this out. Apple, Google, Amazon, Walt Disney, Mattel and Hewlett-Packard – 6 hugely successful businesses all started from home!

2017 has seen more start-up companies (mostly online and digital based) than ever before in our history. These entrepreneurs largely have started their business with a vision. I’ll point out home businesses have mostly been started without any significant financial backing either and this is encouraging for the everyday person.

This goes to say, if you have an idea…act on it. You’re already half way there, have a home and a computer; so you have all you need to get the ball rolling.

Worse case, it falls flat, you’ve lost some time. Best case, you live your best life and own a successful home based business or successful online business.

So the difference between an Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur?

Most people aren’t Classic Entrepreneurs. These are the risk takers, the Richard Branson’s, the people than go into uncharted waters pioneering companies or products and ideas that no one has ever heard of with a high degree of risk associated with them building that business.

If you’re like me – I’m part of the Intrapreneur Revolution and you should join me. This is a term coined by the American Management Technology Industry; it’s like a person who works for Google who has been asked to branch out and start a new division within the company which they fully will be supported by. This process and business concept is well established with great systems and proven products, the risk and newness of this industry has now become non-existent. As a result it has become a very attractive proposition to anyone who wants to start a business from home but without the massive risks and money involved.

This is the next generation of leaders. These people are based directly from home and use already have access to developmental programs to help you build their online or offline businesses.

Need more encouragement? 82% of the women in the USA who earn over $100,000, do it through a home business idea. The statistic can be found here. It’s called Direct to Consumer Channel, or word of mouth. It’s trending hot right in 2017, in fact, since early 2000 it has been one of the most sought after options for building profitable home based businesses.

Plus, most successful home businesses today operate online as a direct to consumer channel to distribute a service to product. Most home based business ideas for Mums, are like that too. Most home based businesses with low start up costs are like that as well. Get the picture – most of us are Intrapreneurs. Most of us can do this online too.

So if you don’t have an idea – it’s okay. I know and work with people who make $50,000+ per week being an Intrapreneur from home. There are thousands of companies who offer services and products to choose from in dozens of industries. So if you want to market an online home business or who want to make more money from home without the expense and risk of a major start up – start asking questions and get going with one.

Google, Amazon, Walt Disney and Apple, probably didn’t watch TV when they worked from home. So turn off the TV and use your time wisely. Don’t look back and we’ll see you at the top.

Committed to your Success in Business.
Your Home Business Solution Team.


Dale FollandAre you an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur?

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