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Home Based Business Ideas

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Don’t most people want some Home Based Business Ideas so they can get ahead?

Well…you’d be surprised at how many people are accustomed to think their day-to-day activities are them ‘for life’. Most don’t like their jobs either…more on that soon.

But – There was once a Dad who wanted to be a Dad so he started to review home based business ideas. Sounds like the start of a folk song..right!

But while most Dad’s are okay with wanting to climb the corporate ladder, to socialise at Friday night drinks, commute some distance and get home early evening exhausted – then repeat it. I kinda didn’t get attracted to that. The idea of slogging it out on a job I didn’t care too much about didn’t particularly interest me, and funnily enough given the volume of business partners we’ve got and understanding their professional background, neither did they.

What did interest me however was reviewing Home Based Business Ideas and see there there was a way where I could earn from home while being with the kids. Many of us are pleased with the result in business, we work when we want, in and around the kids, we get paid more than the average income…and some are earning more than what is comprehensible too!

Home Based Business Ideas

So what works? Well, anything really if you decide to apply the effort. But what we’ve found useful for most home business owners is they enjoy a home business that’s flexible, product is effective and that there is a demand for, check out our Product Partner Here and something that’s worthwhile and pays quickly.

  • Technology in home based businesses is getting big…there are some effective options around but review the longevity of the product. There is a Fit-Bit type watch, looks great, good technology with medical apps but once you sell 1 watch, you have to find a new customer. You’ll always be in a sales focused position – selling. Good for those who enjoy selling though.
  • Party Plan is another business that’s gaining traction in the home business industry. After Avon reached it’s peak back in 1970’s there are still a few business options from home. Look on the DSA website for the better choices.
  • WooCommerce Online Supplement Businesses are still one of the fastest growing business models. This is the home business option I chose and the area we train on, we’ve worked our business for 14 years and it’s had some interesting periods where we dropped income too, so it wasn’t all roses…but in saying that, it was still more than the average person makes annually but we did make mistakes and live above our means…few lessons learned there too.
Average Income For Home Based Businesses

How the average income is derived is they take all the business owners divided up against the commissions paid. With our business partner their has been over 3 Billion Dollars paid out to Home Business Owners. Check out our Average Income.


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