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How To Start A Blog For Free

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How to Start a Blog for Free

But How To Start A Blog For Free takes a lot of time – but it is easy. In fact this will probably be the shortest blog post from a blogger in the history of blogging of business blog posts. But one lesson straight off the bat is in order for your Blog To Rank on Search Engines, it needs to be relevant to the searcher, personal to them, solve an issue they have and also be over 300 words in length.

But I’ve always been a little confused as to why someone would even consider blogging without actually having a product to move or service to offer. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of words on a page…unless you really like sewing, and you would like to talk about it for days on end.

So before you get all kitted up on Blogger, or WordPress. I would identify a product partner or business partner to start, then learn about that business, how it works, what the products do and how they can help someone.

One of the main things blogging can do is drive traffic to your website and providing your product is useful and will solve a problem – you’re in business.

How To Start A Blog For Free #1

The good news is the best platform is a Free platform called WordPress You have a variety of capture pages, can create your own design, images and you’re up and running in no time. Alongside your Blog you have categories that allow the search engines to identify how they view your blog. Fill in these categories and save. Then repeat. Blogger is another great platform that offers awesome tools for your First Blog Posts.

How To Start a Blog For Free #2

I would consider starting with a product that solves a problem in most peoples lives, this is around Having More Energy, Losing More Weight, Living Longer, Eating Healthy. All thse subject you could write about and gain traction when it comes to quality information. You’ll not only up-skill yourself in health and wellness, but others too. When your blogs are convincing enough, you’ll find your products start to shift. If you look after your customers via MailChimp then you’ll always have a steady volume of products that move from your website.

How To Start A Blog For Free #3

Some of the free blogging sites have upgraded options which allow better performance in Google. But have patience. It may take months and even years to get effective at blogging and to have your blogs read. By partnering with a business that has main high traffic servers already help your cause online.

USANA NZ has been our product partner in business for the past 14 years. USANA Health Sciences has developed an awesome platform to work from, both on and offline. It’s inexpensive to start and maintain. We have all the home business tools and strategies in order to get started in business and I have the experience in helping you get off the ground and established with it online too. One of the main reasons USANA has become one of the top Network Marketing companies globally is because of the company support and training plus it’s incredible personalised health programs.

But what about time? The flexibility for home businesses is second to none…the way I look at it, 3 years is going to come anyway right? Well, the average person earns over $100,000 p/a in 3 years 4 months and 2 weeks…to be exact. So why not build another asset part time over that time.

To check out USANA Food line, read the blog post Review USANA’s Products and to review the technology behind it USANA’s Vitamins you can watch their YouTube Clip. The Product is called USANA Cellsentials 

If you are interested in working with us I encourage you to make contact. Most people don’t have any idea on How To Assess A Business. There they would probably ask their friends who don’t own businesses and then aren’t educated on making decision with business and you may go on to believe their opinion on why it’s a bad idea.

How far have you got so far? Not far right! Spend time talking with those people who have the lifestyle you want. They are everywhere and most successful people love to help others achieve a result too so don’t be shy. I certainly wasn’t when I enlisted the help of my business mentor.

Ensure you entrust the opinions of successful people. Most people Having a product partner like USANA Health Sciences allows me the freedom to creatively write, share articles and do what I enjoy, Coaching others to make money online. USANA have all the websites, materials and online resources in fact you can get 3 websites when you become a part of the company. Each Blog post can link to different areas or sub-categories online increasing they likelihood of developing a tribe of followers.

Blogging can create an immense about of interest for your favorite topics and hobbies, I would say before you start to answer these questions.

  1. Start by setting your goal and what you are wanting to actually achieve.
  2. Keep your blog posts relevant to the topic and clear.
  3. If you would like to rank high on Google for your posts. Learn about SEO. Identify Keywords you want to focus on.
  4. Maintain about 3 blog posts a week and keep your guests / readers updated.
  5. Connect with other bloggers, comment on forums, ask questions and engage as much as you can.

Blog as much as you Learning about Blogging.

(am I at 300 words yet….let me check…yep sweet, 640)

If you would be open to learning about out home business get in contact here.

Stop reading and Get Blogging.

Dale FollandHow To Start A Blog For Free

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