So what will I do from home?


So how can we help with your home business?

First off, allow me to point out that I’ve had 13 years working successfully without us talking. So, I’m not here to convince you or try and sell you anything you don’t need or want – ‘If I convince you against your will, you will be of the same opinion still’…fair enough right?

So stick with me here….it won’t take long. Do not get into a home business if you are not choosing to live outside your comfort zone. Home businesses (or any business for that matter) expects to move a product or a service to get paid, therefore we need to market both on and offline.

Think of how a Subway Franchise works. A business owner needs to move or sell Subs in order to get paid. If you prefer not to work with people this may not be the best solution for you – then again, most businesses have the vision of helping others in some way so a business in general may not be your calling.

But if you feel you are a person that enjoys helping others, likes to be a part of a growing company who has won over 400 International Business and Product Awards, who supports you every step of the way, who cares about your personal growth and family. Then we need to talk.




If your school teacher received a percentage of your work salary for the rest of their life. Would you have received a better education? That’s how home businesses in NZ work.

The person you work with gets paid when they do a good job teaching you how to make an income.


I’m not a sales person you say? Good, neither are we. We’re in the referral business – and so are you. We refer people to a company to see if they see value, if they do great, if not, that’s great too. You do this daily with other products and services also. When you have a good experience with your Apple iPhone7…you tell people it’s awesome, if they buy one, do you get paid? Probably not.

The same goes with Cafes, Masseuses, Restaurants and Personal Trainers…when you have a great experience and you refer a friend, do you get paid? Again, probably not. Well in this NZ based business we get paid very well when we refer. In December 2016 we’ve been independently ranked as NZ No.1 Home Based Business Company and by connecting with us, you’ll get all the information you need to make an educated business decision for you and your family.


We also believe in providing valuable solutions and insights. I believe in disrupting the status quo (your thinking) and shifting paradigms to achieve new and better results in your life.


Each market provides a central home business customer support office, you have your own marketing materials, tutorials, e-commerce websites and tools for me to use to be successful from home with their business model. You will have all the same access and use of materials as I do. Plus access to closed Facebook groups and access to work alongside TeamUP200, one of NZ’s largest and most cohesive home business teams that work from home.

Each person owns a small franchise type online business system which has no franchise fees, contracts or obligations but we do have the backing of a large organisation who support us.


After 13 years working this business from home. It’s been the best financial move I’ve ever made.



About the Home Business based in NZ but in 24 Countries.

We are a Global Nutritional Research Facility who manufacture a high end pharmaceutical grade nutritional support systems for children, teenagers and adults. Basically – high end, quality controlled Nutritional Supplements Plus they manufacture a weight management system and skin care range. All non-toxic, all free from additives and anything artificial. All 100% pharmaceutical grade. Read up on my Nutritional Website

They are the No.1 Consumer brand in NZ that goes direct to the consumer. You cannot locate their products in the traditional way you’d expect, like the shops – retail is a dying industry anyway. Gotta love change. Would you like to see some CASE STUDIES go on ahead.

Once you select a business option, based on your budget and what you want to get out from it then we sit together and I train you on how to make money from home. There are several ways in which this is done but I won’t go into details here. Just email for more info.

You have no contracts, obligations, and you’re paid based on your own efforts…if you take time off, this is okay. You can switch your business off if you like. When you return, switch it back on and away you go. Both my team and myself (all home business owners using the same system) will be here to support you should you require it.

You have offices in Greenlane, Auckland you can use, for free. You have online weekly training and live calls to tap into, for free. You have in-office training and one-on-one training of you like, for free. We test and measure your business, for free, to ensure you’re reaching your personal goals you set for yourself.

You borrow a proven franchise type system that has a 24 year old track record; you’re aligning with the most respected nutritional research company to date, they borrow a direct to consumer channel to market their products.

They are a publicly listed company and I can therefore show you average income earnings for the business owners.

Average person after 3 years, 4 months and 2 weeks earns a NZD $114,000+ income. Note…it’s not 3 weeks!! Average part-time (5-10 hrs) earns $38,000 p/annum

3 years will come anyway…if you sacrifice something in your life and roll up your sleeves, you’ll probably make what the average person makes.

The rest is the details. Contact me if you would like to know more. Bear in mind…I’m not here to sell or convince you to do anything you don’t want to do.

This isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option for the average person and I’m here to show you there is a better way. If you want to start your own home business that we use, great, if you think it sucks, this is great too 🙂

Cheers and thanks for popping by.



Dale FollandSo what will I do from home?