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Ice Baths NZ Review | The Best Ice Bath in NZ

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Ice baths NZ have gained significant recognition for their numerous benefits ranging from reducing inflammation and enhancing mental health to improving sleep and immune function.

Amidst the sea of ice bath options, we saw recently at the recent Home Business Expo the Freeze Tub Ice Bath stand emerges as a clear front runner, offering unparalleled quality and exceptional performance.

Their competitors, which to be fair, were only five other companies showcasing products but each offered a very similar-looking setup when we compared the differences and broke down the thermal layering, durability, wall strength, maximum water capacity, number of support legs, width, and height, size of neck inflatable support, but the Freeze Tub team outshines its competitors drawing references from renowned figures like Wim Hoff to substantiate our claims.

With five thermal layers, (NZ’s thickest) of the 5 layer thermal technology system, and meticulous construction, the Freeze Tub stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking the most effective and durable ice bath experience.

In this review, we will delve into the reasons why Freeze Tub won our vote hands down and below some of the challenges we noticed with some other brands.

What to Avoid when Buying an Ice Bath

First off check the size.

When you’re reviewing ice baths, look at the height and width size. We suggest avoiding the 75h x 75w and 75h x 80w cm Ice baths. What we noticed was the size of the tubs were very small. If you’re over 5’8″ you’ll struggle to get your shoulders under the 75cm ice baths, and you’re not the most flexible of people, you may not be able to bend down without your knees pushing on the outer walls of the tubs.

These smaller tubs also have only 6 support legs. Freeze Tub was the only ice bath company in NZ to have 8 support legs making it noticeably stable when filled with water. The other ice baths we looked at in the stalls, leant off to one side.

Avoid Overseas Online Deals

This goes without saying and has nothing to do with the Home Business Expo, but more about common sense. We’ve all had those experiences with online purchases and often the hassle when something occurs. You just need to join one of the Facebook Ice Bath pages to read the stories of people who bought online, only to have an issue with the product.

If you’re dealing with an NZ-based company, that supplies and packs the Ice baths in NZ, with a NZ phone number. You’re more than likely to resolve issues that come up faster.

Unrivalled Thermal Insulation

One of the key factors that set freeze tub apart is the five-layered construction directly engineered to provide exceptional thermal insulation.

The inner coating, consisting of high-quality polyester and nylon, ensures a comfortable and gentle surface against the skin. This is further reinforced by a robust PVC coating, which acts as a strong barrier to prevent any leakage.

Additionally, the insulated Pearl cotton layer maximises heat retention enabling a more extended and immersive ice bath experience.

The fourth layer comprises another layer of high-grade PVC enhancing the tub’s durability and longevity finally a waterproof coating serves as the ultimate protection against moisture and the environment, ensuring the Freeze Tub maintains its premium performance over time.

There were other 5 thermal layer systems on offer also, but the thickness was not the same. One company from the South Island who sold the smaller ice baths said their thermal layering was 5mm, then the next salesperson when we walked past again and started talking, said 3mm. We had no idea…and it seemed both of them didn’t really know either.

Superior Build Quality

Renowned figures like Wim Hoff, known as the iceman, have long recognised the transformative benefits of ice baths and cold exposure techniques.

Wim Hoffs’s extraordinary achievements, combined with his extensive research and practice, serve as a testament to the effectiveness of ice baths.

While Freeze Tub may not have received a direct endorsement from William Hoff himself but we got to listen and learn about what products Win Hoff prefers and recommends and the quality that Freeze Tub produces their tubs with aligned with the principles he advocates.

The multilayer thermal design of Freeze Tub ensures optimal cold retention, enabling users to experience the full spectrum of health and wellness benefits associated with ice baths.

Personal Ice Bath Review

As a former bodybuilder, I have my fair share of sore muscles. I also have my 35 years of football to thank for my sore joints so I must say, it’s not my first rodeo to review Ice Bath Therapy.

I have found ice baths immensely beneficial for my recovery.

What we noticed with some of the other ice bath products at the Expo was the lack of thermal layering often having only two to three layers.

Ice Baths NZ – Freeze Tub Professional

Although we were told we don’t need any more than two layers, we didn’t overly agree. We have seen further research suggesting the more layers the better. Your ice bath will maintain an even temperature when you have more thermal layering but also act as a stronger support for the tub as the years go by.

One of the two competitors’ ice baths had an extremely scratchy interior surface and it appeared, when it was full of water, it was bulging out the side.

We were unsure if it would last.

However, the owners were certain that the interior surface of their ice bath would not irritate, and you wouldn’t even feel it. We moved on.

You can get a lot from looking at how a stand at an Expo is displayed, the information you get given, the money spent on the design elements, the professionalism of the staff, and how the product looks and feels. You can tell that the Freeze Tub team knew their stuff and were passionate about the benefits of ice bath therapy.

Ice Baths for Sale

If you’re after a more permanent solution, there are other fixed, larger ice baths that have chiller units attached. We’d recommend starting with a portable ice bath first for a couple of hundred dollars, and if you’re still enjoying the ice bath benefits. Opt in for a larger more permanent solution.

Freeze Tub has Ice Baths for Sale on their online store but they only offer portable ice baths They’re based in New Zealand and have stock on hand.

We think they undoubtedly take the crown as the top-rated ice bath in New Zealand delivering unparalleled quality.

I’ll recap and say, that its five thermal layers comprising of polyester and nylon and a coating reinforced PVC layers insulated Pearl cotton and a waterproof coating all provide exceptional thermal insulation and durability. Their 2024 updated stock now has the thickest insulating factors in NZ

The robust build quality including sturdy supporting poles ensures a secure and long-lasting ice bath experience.

Invest in a Freeze tub and get plunging in the icy cold water – we get it, it doesn’t seem overly appealing but you No longer need to travel to the high-performance sports facilities when you can unlock the full potential of ice baths for reduced inflammation improving mental health enhancing sleep and bolstering immune function right on your back deck.

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