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Save an additional 10% by signing up for convenient recurring deliveries (Auto Order).
Potentially earn commissions based on product sales.
Share this USANA opportunity with others and build your own sales team.
Qualify for exclusive incentives and world-class events.

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USANA Preferred Customer 2021 Price List

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USANA Philippines AthletesAbout USANA

USANA Health Sciences is one of the worlds leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. Founded by Dr Myron Wentz in 1992, USANA develops and manufactures high quality nutritional supplements, weight management products, and self-preserving personal care products.

From it’s humble beginnings, USANA is now a thriving International company operating in over 25 markets around the world. USANA continues to become a world leader in cellular health. USANA Philippines is one of the strongest most profitable markets USANA has globally.

One every exciting news in the USANA Global Markets is the newest entries into USANA. USANA Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania. They are set to open these officially in 2018 (UPDATED: These markets are officially open to do business in)

If you’re someone that thrives on health and well being, is a natural networker and loves to create their own income streams, either part-time or full-time. USANA is the business option worth considering.

You will be joining one of the top 20 Direct Selling Companies the world has, and in 25 years USANA is one of the Youngest Companies to have grown in the Top 20. This tells you their robust business model pays what you’re worth. This also shows the strength in the USANA Products.

USANA Philippines is looking for new business owners to join their expanding team and new Distributors to enjoy their products.

Join USANA Philippines and become one of the benchmark USANA Associates in 2021 and beyond.

USANA Philippines Price Lists 2021 can be found by emailing:

USANA Philippines FAQ’s.



1) Does it cost to be a USANA Preferred Customer?

 Being a USANA Customer (Preferred Customer) is free. Just fill up the Preferred Customer Order Form which you may get from the Distributor / Member who introduced you to Usana ’s products or from the Usana office in Makati. You must first off Contact Us if you wish to just buy a product first. If you wish to be a Distributor, you need to Sign Up first.

Note: You may hear the term Sponsors. This is another word for Distributors.

First time USANA purchasers will receive a Usana Preferred Customer Identification Number, which you can use to make direct purchases directly from Usana whenever you feel like it.

Q3.) Do I need to buy a Starter Kit to become a Preferred Customer?

 No, being a USANA Preferred Customer in the Philippines is free, but you need to order through a Distributor. Contact Us here for Immediate Ordering

Q4.) Can USANA Preferred Customers enroll for AutoOrder and if so, are they cheaper than retail?

 Yes. USANA Preferred Customers have the ability to order USANA Products on AutoOrder the same as Distributors would. I can show you how to do this once you enroll with us.

Q5.) Why do you need my Credit Card details?

 To take part in Usana’s AutoOrder program which entitles you to a 10% discount on your purchases, Usana needs to be able to charge you for your purchases automatically every four or eight weeks. (See “AutoOrder” for more details.)
USANA ordering processes and their global shop online will never disclose your personal details. Ever.

Q6.) Can non-residents of the Philippines become Preferred Customers?

Yes, but Usana will not ship to an address outside of the Philippines.

Q7.) Do I need Identification documents buy USANA products, or be a customer?

 No. There are no documents to show. You can shop at your own will.

Q8.) Do I have to come to your Makati office personally to register?

You can howwver you are required to have a Sponsor (Distributor) with you. Mostly, we do this online. Contact Us to Order

Q9.) What if I want my Sponsor to order for me, can this happen?

 Yes, as long as your Sponsor is an approved USANA Sponsor / Distributor.

Q10.) If I have previously registered as a PC (Preferred Customer) under one sponsor, can I later become a PC (or a Distributor) under a different USANA Sponsor?

 Yes. But you must stand down for a period of 6 months before joining another team. You are free to purchase products however you wish.

 Q11.) Why would a Distributor sponsor Preferred Customers?

 USANA Sponsors are usually interested in getting their family and friends on the best nutritional products on the market. In doing so, many don’t want to make a profit. So USANA allows people to join as Preferred Customers, this allows the Sponsor to make money not from their friends and family directly, but from the points (or volume) from the product orders. All PC’s have the same product costs as All Sponsors.

The Distributor benefits because purchases made by the Preferred Customers he sponsored count towards his Group Sales Volume.

 On Becoming New Distributors

 Q1.) How do I become a Usana Distributor in the Philippines?

 You can fill up the Usana Philippines Distributor Application form, sign it, initial the back page and send it to Usana’s Makati office. Alternatively, I can be your Sponsor so you can receive discounted USANA products and I can help you enrol online (See Q5) or email me on

Q2.) Do I need a TIN (Tax Identification Number) to work a USANA Business?

USANA do require a TIN (Tax Identification Number) I would consider getting one or working in partnership with someone who does have a TIN.

Q3.) Why do USANA not accept other forms of Identification?

USANA is bound by Philippine Law and to hold tax on all commissions therefore USANA Sponsors and Filipinos wishing to Join USANA must have a TIN and use this only as an acceptable form of personal identity.

Q4.) What is the difference between a Usana Distributor and a Usana Associate?

 In some markets, Distributors and Associates are treated differently because of tax implication. However, the two terms can be used interchangeably in the Philippines.

Q5.) How can I enroll online?

 Your Sponsor will help enroll online. Most Distributors or Sponsors do it this way. It is much easier because you can order products direct from a computer, sign the necessary forms online too.

Q6.) Is there an Enrollment Fee for USANA?

 You have no cost to enrol in USANA, just the cost of the products you wish to purchase. Contact Me To Get Started.

Q7.) I see there are other BDS versions, can I get this?

 Unfortunately, the e-BDS is only available in other markets. Not yet in the Philippines.

Q8.) Can my wife or husband have a business too, or can they join mine?

 You can have anyone you wish as a co-applicant in USANA. Most often, you would want to build a business together however in some cases, some couples prefer to manage independent businesses within a business, this can be very powerful way in making more income. I am familiar with this practice, let me know if I can help.

Q9.) Can I hold a personal Usana Distributorship and still register a company to hold a separate Usana Distributorship?

 No. If you are a distributor under your personal name, a company or business with you as the sole proprietor, partner or main director, then you may not hold another Distributorship.

 Q10.) Must my co-applicant be a family member?

 No, your co-applicant can be any eligible person who you want to work with to build your Usana business.

On Activating Business Centers

 Q1.) Can I activate my Business Center(s) at the same time as I enroll?

 Yes, most Distributors opt to do so. You have to produce 150 Sales Volume Points to activate 1 Business Center or 450 Sales Volume Points to activate 3 Business Centers. Kindly remember that sales tools like the Health and Freedom Newspaper do not carry Sales Volume Points.

 Q2.) Can I enroll as a Distributor now, but activate my Business Center later?

 Yes. Usana does not impose a time limit to activate your Business Center. You may activate your Business Center several weeks or months after you have become a Distributor.

To activate 3 Business Centers, however, you must produce 450 Sales Volume Points within six Fridays from the day you enroll. Remember, however, that a Business Center does not earn Commission until it is activated.

Q3.) I want to activate 3 Business Centers. Why does my sponsor say that it is better to have the 450 Sales Volume Points all in my first order?

 It is definitely better to 450 Sales Volume Points in your first order; in doing so, Usana allocates 150 points 001 Business Center, 150 points to your 002 Business Center, and 150 SV points to your 003 Business Center.

This way, you can start off with Sales Volume Points on both sides of your 001 Business Center – points which are commissionable. When you accumulate the 450 Sales Volume Points over several purchases, they will all go into your 001 Business Center as Personal Sales Volume (PSV) for which you do not earn commission.

Q4.) Am I entitled to AutoShip prices for my initial purchase that activates my Business Center(s)?

 Yes. If you sign-on for AutoShip during enrollment. If you choose not to opt in for AutoShip then you will still be charged wholesale prices.

Q5.) What is a 3-BC Pack?

 The 3-BC Pack is a set of pre-determined Usana products for the convenience of new Distributors who want to activate three Business Centers.

The pack usually comes with a great discount, as well as free Downline Management Access. Kindly refer to the Price List to see which content comes with the 3-BC Pack(s) are available for purchase.

 Q6.) Can I activate my Business Centers with products of my choice?

 Yes, you may opt to choose any combination of products that you would like to make up the 150 Sales Volume Points (for 1-BC) or 450 Sales Volume Points (for 3-BCs)

Q7.) Does the 3-BC Pack entitle a sponsor to earn a “Fast Start” Bonus?

 No because unlike some markets, Usana Philippines does not reward the sponsor a “Fast Start” bonus when the person he sponsors purchases a 3-BC Pack.

Q8.) Does the 3-BC Pack come with event registration and other sales tool?

No it does not.

On Enrolling Non-Philippine Citizens

 Q1.) Can Non-Philippine citizens enroll as distributors in the Philippines?

 Yes, non-Philippine citizens who reside in the Philippines may opt to do so.

Q2.) What documents do you require for the enrollment of Non-Philippine Citizens?

 A non-Philippine citizen applicant will have to possess a permanent address, a personal bank account and a Tax Identification Number in the Philippines as proof of your identity. You will also be required to procure legal documentation to work as well as proof of your income in the Philippines.

Q3.) Can I actively prospect and sponsor friends abroad as Distributors?

No you may not. Usana does not allow anyone to build a business in a market before it is officially opened. All sponsorship happenings can only start when Usana makes an official announcement stating that a specific country is open for business.

Q4.) Can I retail Usana products in foreign countries?

 No. Products made for the Philippine market may not be approved for distribution or sale in foreign countries and their labels and constructions may not comply with local regulations.

Usana products you import abroad may be subject to confiscation from the local authorities.

On Transferring a Foreign Distributorship to the Philippines

 Q1.) Can any Distributor transfer his Distributorship from another Usana approved country to the Philippines?

 Yes. If you are a Philippine citizen and if you are in good standing with your Usana Distributorship.

Q2.) Why should I transfer my Usana distributorship to the Philippines?

 Commissions earned are received from the Philippines, as well as your participation in every recognition activities as well as local promotional events. If you plan to focus and develop your business in the Philippines then you should definitely transfer your distributorship here.

Q3.) How do I transfer my distributorship?  

 You may do so by accomplishing the change from Foreign Address Section of the “Change to Distributor Account” form.

Attach a fulfilled “Usana Philippine Distributor” application form signed by the co-applicants. (Please make sure to provide a bank account in your name as well as your local address.)

It is also possible to transfer your AutoShip to the Philippines. Before doing so, however, please make sure to have a method of payment that is accepted in the Philippines. (For more information, please see Q6).

All of the necessary forms may be downloaded from the website. A transfer fee will also apply.

Q4.) Why does Usana charge a transfer fee?

Usana charges a transfer fee to discourage distributors from one country to take advantage of the fluctuations of another country’s currency exchange. This is also to discourage distributors who would start sponsoring in a country before Usana declares it open for business.

Q5.) Do I still need to buy a Philippine Starter Kit after transferring my distributorship?

Yes. Precisely because you are a distributor in the Philippines, you will require the Philippine Starter Kit to get to know the procedures, products and policies of Usana Philippines.

Q6.) What happens to my AutoOrder arrangement? Will it be automatically transferred along with my distributorship to the Philippines?

No. To have your AutoOrder moved to the Philippines, you will need to cancel your original AutoOrder from your Usana country of origin and set up a brand new AutoOrder subscription in the Philippines.

Note: Sales Volume Points from your original country may be different from that of the Philippines. A 100-point order in your country of origin may be equivalent to more or less than 100 points if the products in question are ordered from the Philippines as well as the possibility of needed a new method of payment for your Philippine AutoOrder subscription.

Q7.) If I am only building my Usana business in the Philippines for six months, can I maintain my distributorship in another Usana approved country?

Yes, you may. You may temporarily cancel your initial AutoOrder subscription and instead temporarily sign-up for an AutoOrder subscription for as long as you are here in the Philippines

Q8.) My one-year distributorship in Australia expires in April. If I transfer my distributorship to the Philippines in March, how will it affect the annual renewal of my Distributorship?

The timing of your renewal will not be affected by your transfer of distributorship. PHP 940 will be deducted by Usana and will automatically renew your distributorship for you in the Philippines at the time of its expiration if you authorized the company to do so in your stead.

On Transferring or Assigning Distributorship to Another Person

Q1.) Can I transfer my distributorship to another person?

Yes but it will be subjected to the terms and conditions of Usana ’s Policy and Procedures. A transfer fee will also be applied and the beneficiary would also need to purchase for themselves a Starter Kit for PHP 990.

Q2.) Can I transfer some part of my Business Centers to another person and keep the other Business Centers to myself?

No, you may not. All of your Business Centers will go to the recipient of the transfer once you process said request.

Q3.) How do I go about transferring my Distributorship to my friend?

You should request for the transfer by writing a letter of request to Usana . Have the “Transfer of Distributorship” form signed by your sponsor, by you and by the beneficiary and attach it with the letter of request.

Q4.) Can I transfer or assign my Distributorship another Usana distributor or to an ex-distributor?

No, you may not. Even if the beneficiary has been inactive in the Philippine jurisdiction of Usana , other Usana distributors or ex-distributors cannot receive distributorship from other distributors no matter how much time passes.

Q5.) If I have one Business Center activated at the time of transfer, does my Beneficiary have a choice to “upgrade” the Distributorship to three Business Centers upon the transfer?

Yes. Your beneficiary may request for 3-BC and have them activated at the point of transfer. However, they will also have to exchange and produce 450 points in Sales Volumes at the time of transfer.

On Usana ’s Compensation Plan

Q1.) Has Usana ’s compensation plan been approved by the Philippine Government?

Direct selling companies are not formally licensed by the Philippine government nor do they approve of their compensation plans.

Nonetheless, Usana ’s prioritiy is the protection of its Distributors and its customers so Usana ’s compensation plan adheres and complies with all the local laws and regulations that protect the interest of the Philippine consumers and entrepreneurs.

Q2.) Does Usana offer the same compensation plan in the Philippines as it does to the other parts of the world where Usana operates?

Usana follows a competitive compensation plan that is universal whether in the United States or other parts of the world where Usana operates.

Q3.) As a Distributor in the Philippines, could I sponsor Preferred Customers and Distributors in other parts of the world where Usana is open?

Yes. Because Usana ’s global seamless compensation program, the Sales Value Points that your Distributors and their Organizations produce will become a part of your downline volume.

On Ordering Products

Q1.) How can I place an order with Usana in the Philippines?

You can personally go to Usana ’s Makati office, mail or fax-in your order or take advantage of our online system by placing your order online to receive a special PHP 100 discount that is subject to terms and conditions.

Q2.) Will the products be delivered directly to my residential address?

You can decide to either personally collect your items from Usana ’s Makati office or have them delivered to your doorstep or your place of employment for a free. (For more information, kindly see Q5.)

Q3.) Does Usana have other Sales Centers outside of their Makati Office?

No but Usana can send you your orders if going to Usana ’s Makati office is impossible for you.

Q4.) How do I place an order online?

Go to

Log-in using your Distributor credentials (if you are a distributor)

Click on the “Shop@USANA” link located at the top-most portion of the page.

Place your order.

Usana will charge you by using the payment method that you designated in your Application. Some examples of our accepted payment methods are as follows: MasterCard, VISA or the Philippine Payment System.

Q5.) How much does Usana charge for delivery?

Customers will pay 3% of the value of their order of PHP 250 (VAT inclusive), whichever is higher for delivery all over the Philippines. Shipping is free, however, if your order amounts to PHP 30,000 or more.

Q6.) My Brother and I are both Distributors, can we place and have our orders delivered for a one-time shipping and handling charge?

No. Every order is special and are subject to their own handling and shipping fees.

Q7.) How long does it take to have my products delivered to my residence or my place of employment?

24 hours minimum if you live within Metro Manila but it may take up to at least 4 business days for the delivery to reach either the provinces of Luzon or in Visayas and Mindanao.

Note: Some delays may be caused by paying with either PPS (1 or 2 business days) or checks (up to 3 business days) because your products will only be shipped after Usana receives and confirms your payment from the bank.

Q8.) What happens if no one is present to receive my products when they are delivered?

The delivery company will make two delivery attempts. Should both attempts fail, you will have to personally collect your products from their local office.

Q9.) Can I place an order for products for a friend and have Usana deliver them to him?

Yes provided that your friend lives here in the Philippines. If your friend is currently living in another country where Usana operates then you will have to place your order from that country’s Usana office; you will also have to pay for any additional costs that may be incurred such as shipping.

Note: Usana Philippines will not deliver products outside of the Philippines.

Q10.) Why does Usana’s online system and/or Customer Service Representatives prevent me from placing a large batch of products for delivery?

This policy was placed so that Usana could protect its customers and distributors. Usana restricts Distributors from ordering no more than PHP 35,000 worth of products every month. This prevents Distributors from purchasing questionable quantities of products for the purpose of advancing in rank or unjustly qualifying for bonuses and commissions.

It is possible, however, to place a large order provided that you are willing to justify the amount that you wish to purchase to one of Usana’s designated customer representative.

Accepted Payment Methods

Q1.) What payment methods does Usana accept?

Usana accepts different methods of payment depending on where you pay for you order.

Makati Office


Personal Check

Cashier’s Checks (Union Bank)

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

Debit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

Online Orders

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

Union Bank through PPS (For more info, see Q3)

Mail-in Orders

Personal Check

Cashier’s Check (Union Bank)

Direct Charge (You have the option to authorize Usana to directly charge your order to your credit card if your credit card details are on file.)

The method of payment you select will control when your products will be available for delivery of pick-up and when you receive your volume points.

Q2.) Can I pay with other credit cards?

No. Usana will only accept payments from Credit Cards that belong to either Visa or Mastercard.

Q3.) What is the Philippine Payment Service and how does it work?

PPS is a convenient means for you to pay for your orders born from a special agreement between Usana and Union Bank of the Philippines. This is done in order for you to be able to deposit to Usana’s account using any of Union Bank’s branches throughout the Philippines.

(Insert links for “how to fill in a Union Bank Bills payment slip)

Q4.) Do I have to open a Union Bank account to pay Usana using the PPS?

Not at all. You may deposit the payment to Usana’s account directly using any of Union Bank’s branches in the Philippines.

Q5.) Do I have to pay Union Bank for fees using the PPS?

No you do not. Usana will be charged by Union Bank for service because this is a service provided to Usana’s Distributors for free.

Q6.) Where will I get details for the PPS so that I could make a payment?

There are two ways for you to get the details needed to pay Usana .

If you order from our online system, you will be given the payment details at the end of the transaction in the “check-out” portion of the purchasing process.

Using AutoShip, Usana will send you the payment details through the e-mail that you provided when you availed of our AutoShip subscription.

Q7.) How long after I receive the PPS payment details do I have before I must deposit my payment at my local Union Bank branch?

Because payment will take at least one business day to process, it is recommended that you pay as soon as possible. Your sales volume points for your order will not be posted until payment has been confirmed.

Q8.) How long after payment has been made will my products be ready for shipment or collection?

Depending on your preferred method of payment, the timing of your products’ readiness will be determined as follows:

Payment made using cash or credit card will be confirmed immediately.

Payment made using the Philippine Payment Service will be confirmed after a minimum one business day delay. This is done in order to permit USANA to confirm the payment’s transaction from your local Union Bank Branch.

Payment made using a cashier’s check or a personal check will be confirmed after a three business day delay.

Q9.) Will the method of payment of my choice affect the date of my commissionable sales volume is posted?

Yes it will. As with any products for shipping, USANA will only post the details of your sales volume after confirming your payment. Therefore, the delay for the one business day/three business day delay for the shipment of products will also apply to the posting of your sales volume points.

Some points to take note of:

If you are making a payment using AutoOrder or through the online store, it is recommended to make your payment on a Wednesday in order for USANA to reach payment confirmation on Friday of the same week.

Should you choose to make your payment on a Friday, however, then the confirmation from Union Bank will not reach USANA until Monday of the next week and the volume points for that order will be noted for commission of the next week.

Note: Payments will have to be made on an earlier day especially if there is a public holiday during the week.

On AutoOrder

 Q1.) What is AutoOrder and is it mandatory?

 AutoOrder is USANA approving automatic billing every four week weeks for an order that you have placed online or in person.

Q2.) Is AutoShip the same as Auto Order?

They are the same. In other USANA countries, Auto Order is the accepted term for AutoShip. It is also known as “APO

Q3.) Is Home Delivery mandatory for AutoShip?

No it does not. You are free to pick up your product at our Makati office, just make sure you tick the Will Call / Pick at Office box online when ordering.

Q4.) What are the benefits of subscribing in USANA’s AutoShip / AutoOrder program?

Products are regularly stocked to help you meet sales requirements in order for you to qualify for commission.

Convenient and effective to ensure you maintain healthy lifestyle.

A discounted 10% from the regular wholesale price.

Q5.) Can a Preferred Customer sign up for AutoShip?

Yes. Having PC’s on AutoOrder enables a seem less productive pay plan. A great business model to work.

Q6.) Is there a required minimum value to order before I opt-in for AutoShip?

No there is not a minimum. You can order the lowest cost product should you wish.

Q7.) Can I put up sales aids on AutoShip?

Running a USANA Business requires you to learn. Sales Aids on autoorder, enables you to do this.

Q8.) As a USANA Philippines Distributor or PC, how do I sign up for AutoShip / AutoOrder?

New Distributors can immediately subscribe to AutoShip by fulfilling the AutoShip portion of his “USANA Philippine Distributor Application” form.

An alternative method if signing-up for AutoShip any moment after registration. Setting up AutoShip online, however, will get you a PHP 100 discount.

Q9.) How do I know when my next AutoShip is due?

The calendar is divided by USANA into a four-week recurrence which are color coded. The first cycle is colored red, the second cycle is colored green, the third cycle is colored blue and the fourth cycle is yellow.

Your initial AutoShip set-up will affect your recurring AutoShip charges. If you set-up AutoShip on a green week then your next AutoShip will be processed the following green week.

For more information, kindly refer to the “Four Week Rolling Period Calender” in the “Business Tool” section of the Starter Kit.

Q10.) Is there a penalty if I change the products that I order on AutoShip or if completely cancel my AutoShip Subscription?

No. You may cancel or amend your AutoShip subscription without charge up to Friday before the week it is due.

Take note, however, that administrative charges may apply if you cancel or modify your AutoShip subscription after a prior order of yours has been processed and or shipped.

Q11.) How do I make changes to my AutoShip subscription?

The most convenient way to modify your AutoShip subscription is by doing it online. Other benefits of doing so online include the following:

Modify products that you have previously ordered.

Change your delivery address so long as it is in the Philippines.

Modify the date of your next AutoShip.

AutoShip managed online will qualify you for a PHP 100 discount.

You can do all of these things and more by going to

An alternate method is faxing or mailing your instructions to the Distributor Service at the USANA Makati Office.

Q12.) If I order products outside of my regular AutoShip cycle, will I still be able to enjoy AutoShip prices?

Yes for so as long as you remain enrolled in USANA’s AutoShip subscription program then all of your orders will be charged at AutoShip prices.

Q13.) Is there a way for me to set-up AutoShip to automatically send me two different sets of products every four weeks?

Yes. You may set up your AutoShip subscription with two different sets of products in alternating four-weekly cycles.

For example, you can set Essentials, BiOmega and Active Calcium as your “A” cycle order and Essentials and Proflavanol as your “B” cycle order. The system will switch between AutoShip A and AutoShip B every four weeks when your orders are processed. In doing so, you may get your Essentials supply every four weeks while getting every other products once every eight weeks.

Q14.) Can I pay for my AutoShip with Cash at the USANA office?

No. Participating in AutoShip requires you to be able to be automatically billed for the products that you have purchased by USANA once every four weeks.

For more info regarding the PPS, kindly see the FAQ section on “Accepted Payment Methods”

Q15.) Why does USANA recommend me to pay for AutoShip with my credit card instead of PPS?

Payment through your credit card is accurate and convenient. Confirmation of your payment is processed as soon as you make your payment and USANA will only process your payment after receiving confirmation of said payment.

Q16.) If I opt for AutoShip to deliver to my home, when will my credit card be charged and when will I be able to receive the products?

Your credit card will be automatically debited every four weeks on the Sunday at the start of your colour coded week. Following is the most likely day to receive your products at your delivery address.

Metro Manila: Wednesday
Outside Metro Manila: Thursday
Outer Islands: Friday

Q17.) If I opt for self-collection for my AutoShip, when will I be able to collect my products and what documents would be required of me?

If your AutoShip orders are directly charged to your credit card, you may collect your products anytime from the Monday afternoon of your AutoShip week.

If you are paying for your AutoShip orders through PPS, you may only collect your products AFTER USANA receives confirmation of your payment usually after one working day.

The Makati Office Collection point will require a valid photo ID as proof identity when you opt for self-collection.

 Q18.) May I collect my downline Distributor’s AutoShip on their behalf?

Yes, you may. However, please ask them to fill up the Authorization Form from the USANA        website.

Q19.) How do I cancel my AutoShip subscription?

To cancel your AutoShip online, kindly send a fax or an email to USANA’s Distributor Service department at USANA’s Makati Office. Kindly do so a few days before your AutoShip charges are due.

Q20.) Why did USANA cancel my AutoShip Subscription without prior notice?

Cancellation may result from:

Declined credit card charges

Insufficient payment is made through PPS (this includes shipping and handling)

Failure to pick-up previous orders designated for self-collection at USANA’s Makati Office. (Note: All orders for self-collection must be picked up within eight weeks from USANA’s Makati Office)

If none of the above conditions apply, kindly contact the Distributor Service Department at USANA’s Makati Office.

On Returning or Exchanging Products

 Q1.) What is USANA’s return policy?

USANA has a detailed and generous return policy to protect the interest of both the Distributors and the Consumers. For more information, kindly refer to Section 7 of the Policies and Procedures in the Starter Kit.

Q2.) Do you charge Distributors a fee for returning or exchanging products?

Usually, a 90% refund is made for the returns of products. USANA does not charge a fee for product exchange.

Q3.) Can I return products which are close to beyond the expiry date?

Products that are at least three months to their expiry date are not considered products in re-saleable condition and therefore cannot be accepted.

Q4.) Can I return USANA products which I bought from other countries for exchange or refund?

No. Products that you purchased from other USANA countries may be refunded in the same country while products that you have purchased from USANA Philippines may be returned to USANA Philippines.

Q5.) How does USANA define “Excessive Returns”?

A cumulative refund of more than PHP5000 or products constitute a voluntary cancellation of your Distributor Agreement.

Q6.) When and how can I receive my refunds?

Payments made using your credit card will have the charge credited to them by USANA.

Payments made with PPS will be refunded by sending the customer a refund check. All refund checks will be made out in favor of the Main Applicant’s name as stated in the Distributor Application Form.

On Receiving Commissions

Q1.) How many Philippine Pesos does 1 Commission Volume Point equate to?

CVP equates to PHP 48.

Q2.) Does this fluctuate weekly with the foreign currency exchange rate?

No. Any changes in this exchange rate will be announced by USANA.

Q3.) When and how are my commissions paid?

Paid weekly, USANA directly credits the bank account that you specified in your Distributor Application form. Sales close Friday evening and the commission that you earned for that week will appear in your bank account seven days later.

Q4.) Can I have my commission deposited into another person’s bank account?

No. The name specified on the bank account must match the name of the main applicant for USANA distributorship. This measure is in place to protect the interest of USANA’s Consumers and Distributors.

Q5.) Do you charge a processing fee for crediting my commission into my bank account?

No. USANA does not charge you for transferring commissions to your bank account. However, your bank may impose a receiving fee for electronic fund transfer which is beyond USANA’s control.

Q6.) How do I check whether my commission amount is correct?

A Commission Statement will be posted on your USANA website for the weeks you earn a commission. Log in to your USANA account to view your account statement. You may also request for a statement to be printed and sent to your home address.

Q7.) Does USANA deduct or withhold income tax from my commission?

Yes, USANA withholds 10% of your commission for income tax and issues you a quarterly statement for the amount withdrawn.On Re-Entry

Q1.) How do I receive a re-entry certificate?

You may receive a re-entry certificate for each of the first two times you maximize a Business Center. The certificate is electronically issued and is kept on file in your USANA online account until the time you use it to set-up and activate a new business center.

Q2.) When does my re-entry certificate expire?

Re-entry certificates do not expire at all.

Q3.) How do I use my Re-entry certificate to start a new Business Center?

To make use of your re-entry certificate, you may email or fax your certificate to USANA’s Makati Office or to USANA’s Distributor Service Department, whichever is more convenient for you.

Note: To activate your re-entry Business Center, you need to place a one-time order of 150 Sales Volume Points more.

Q4.) I am maintaining a 200 point AutoShip every four weeks. To activate a new Business Center, do I need another 150 points?

Yes because a 150-point Sales Volume is required every time you activate a new Business Center. To qualify for commission you will need to go above and beyond your regular 100-point or 200-point orders.

Q5.) Can I place my new Business Center anywhere I want it to?

Your re-entry must be placed in a vacant position within your own organization. Other than the first two re-entries all other re-entries must meet an additional condition of being at least 10 active Distributors from another of your own Business.

Q6.) How can I know which are the allowable placement positions for my re-entries?

You may track allowed re-entry positions with the Downline Management System or DLM. If you aren’t subscribed to the DLM feature then tracking permitted re-entry positions will have to be done manually.

Q7.) I marked a valid placement position for my re-entry but the system is prohibiting me from doing so. Why is that?

This usually happens due to one or more of your downline Distributors have become inactive. When this happens, your chosen placement position may have become invalid.

Q8.) Do I have to be currently on a 200-point persona Sales Volume before I can place a re-entry?

No, you do not. But if you aren’t maintaining a 200 PSV on a running four week period, the new Business Center you place will be inactive and it will not accumulate any Group Sales Volume.

Q9.)Do Sales Volume Points generated under my new re-entry Business Center still benefit my earlier Business Centers above it?

Yes. Sales Volumes of up to over 5000 points per week will benefit all of the Business Centers placed above it.

On Annual Renewal

Q1.) Do I have to pay an annual renewal fee?

Distributors pay a PHP 940 renewal fee on the anniversary month of their enrollment. There are no fees for Preferred Customers.

Q2.) How do I pay for my renewal fee?

USANA will automatically charge the fee to the credit card on USANA’s record. If you do not have a registered credit card on your record then you may arrange to settle your renewal fee at USANA’s Makati office or by using the Philippine Payment System. If you do not wish to renew your Distributorship please write in to cancel your Distributorship a month before.

Q3.) What happens if I fail to renew my Distributorship?

If you are unable to renew your Distributorship then it will be terminated. However, should you choose to rejoin USANA, subject to USANA Philippines policies, you will have to restart your Distributorship.

Note: Reactivating your old Business Centers generally isn’t possible however, I have a long standing 15 year relationship with USANA so it is possible to wave your renewal fees. But this is not Guaranteed.

Q1.) Are USANA’s products approved and licensed by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs?

USANA has submitted its inventory of products for approval and review from BFAD.

Q2.) What are the PDR and MIMS that USANA products are listed on?

The Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) and the master Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) are the most widely recognized compilations of prescribing information used by doctors in the United States and the Asian region respectively.

Q3.) Are USANA products that are sold in the Philippines Halal-certified for Muslims?


Q4.) Are USANA nutritional products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Not all of them. While USANA makes every  effort to avoid using ingredients that contain animal prodcuts or by-products, it has not been possible to eliminate such ingredients entirely. Small amounts of gelatin are added by raw material suppliers of lycopene, and Vitamin D used in some of our tablets to ensure long-term stability.

Note: Any tablet containing carotenoids or Vitamin D will likely contain gelatin beadlets. This is done to ensure the long-term stability of the other ingredients.

The gelatin used for the CoQuinone and BiOmega gelcaps is derived from beef. Here is a brief run-down:

Essential’s MegaAntioxidant – Contains small amounts of poultry and bovine gelatin beadlets from the lycopene and Vitamin D.

Essential’s Chelated Mineral – Has no animal by-products.

Proflavanol – Has no animal by-products

CoQuinone 30 – has bovine gelatin capsules

BiOmega – Fish oil in bovine gelatin capsules

Active Calcium – Contains small amounts of bovine gelatin beadlets from the Vitamin D

Procosa II – This is the most commercially available glucosamine sulfate is defived from the other shells of crustaceans. It is highly processed and purified leaving no remaining animal constituents.

Hepasil DTX – Has no by-products

Visionex – Has no by-products

Q5.) As some ingredients are derived from beef, is there a danger of contracting mad-cow disease?

The gelatin used in all of USANA’s products is certified to be free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy sources.

Q6.) What binders are used in USANA tablets?

Binders, which are used to hold the ingredients together in the form of a tablet are derived from plant fibers.

Q7.) Who do I ask if I have specific questions on USANA products that my upline distributors cannot answer?

Use USANA’s “Ask the Scientist”” program which is available online at; this is done to provide USANA’s distributors and customers a channel for them to find more complete answers for the more technical questions that they may have.

Q8.) Are the USANA products sold in the Philippines similar to those sold in other USANA markets?

Only a select few are similar. Like in every market, USANA will make adjustments to its product formulas, names or labels to meet local regulatory requirements.

Q9.) Why is the recommended daily dosage for soe products lower than those sold in the United States and in other USANA markets?

To meet the local upper limits on of a number of essential nutrients, USANA has to lower the suggested daily dosages of some nutritional products in order to maintain the original U.S. formulations. As almost all USANA products sold in the Philippines are identitical to the formuation to the corresponding products sold in the United States.

On Income Maximizer and Downline Management

Q1.) What is the Income Maximizer?

The Income Maximizer is a bundle of three advanced facilities that are provided over the internet to help you develop your USANA businesses.

They are as follows:

The Downline Management System


A 5 megabyte web e-mail

All in all as a bundle, they will cost PHP 990 for 4 weeks.

Q2.) How do I get access to Income Maximizer?

You simply add Income Maximizer to your AutoShip as an additional item. Income Maximizer does not come with Volume Points.

Q3.) Do I need to subscribe to Income Maximizer to gain access to USANA online?

No but there are a lot of benefits to be derived from subscribing to USANA’s income Maximizer.

Q4.) How do I get my USANA password?

You may specify your own password during your enrollment online; another method is the first time you access your Associate log-in link at Remember to tick the “First time logging in” link at the bottom of the password box.

Q5.) I have just subscribed to the The Hub why am I still unable to access it?

Access to the service is updated once every 24 hours so If the problem persists for more than 24 hours, kindly contact USANA for assistance.

Q6.) Can I subscribe only to the Downline Management facilities within the Income maximizer?

Yes and it only costs PHP 750 for 4 weeks without web-hosting and webmail. To subscribe to The Hub only, add the item to your AutoShip.

Q7.) Is it possible to experience the The Hub for free as a trial period?

Distributors who purchase a 3-BC Pack on enrollment may receive a limited-period of free The Hub access.

Q8.) How do I learn more about The Hub?

For more information, check the The Hub tutorial that is available in the USANA website. Or your new Sponsor will train you on how to use it.

On Training and Support

Q1.) Does the company train their Distributors?

While the responsibility of training lies primarily with your upline leaders and sponsors, USANA Philippines hosts various meetings during the month to assist new Distributors in easing into their new duties and responsibilities.

Q2.) What is the “Health and Freedom” Guest Event?

This is the most basic introduction to USANA and its business practices  and opportunities.

Q3.) What is the “Take Charge of Your Health” Guest Event?

This presentation explains the importance of nutritional supplementation and serves as an introduction for your guests to the products that USANA sells in the Philippines.

Q4.) What is the “Get Started Today” Workshop?

This workshop covers the basic steps a new Distributor should take in order to become a Platinum PaceSetter.

Q5.) What is the “Platinum Saturday” training?

The Platinum Saturday Training is an intensive session that provides new distributors with knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need in order to be successful with USANA in the long term.

Q6.) How do I participate in these training sessions?

Just turn up early. Admissions are on a first-come first-served basis. Some events may require tickets or prior reservations for entry and these events will be marked on USANA’s activity schedule to let interested participants know in advanced. Health and Freedom Guest events are always free.

Q7.) Can non-distributors or Preferred Customers attend?

They definitely can. Most of the talks are geared towards either new Distributors or prospective Distributors.

On USANA, the Company

Q1.) Has USANA obtained a Direct Selling License to operate in the Philippines?

The Philippine government does not require the licensing of Direct Selling companies. USANA has registered with the appropriate authorities such as the SEC and the DTI and USANA has met the necessary conditions for operating in the Philippines as a business entity.

On PaceSetters

Q1.) What is the PaceSetter program in USANA Philippines?

As the term proposes, the program rewards fresh Distributors who set the early pace in their USANA business. You qualify as a PaceSetter by meeting set criteria within six weeks of enrollment.

Q2.) How do I become a PaceSetter / a Platinum PaceSetter?

To qualify as a PaceSetter, you will have to help two Distributors you sponsor to activate at least one Business Center each within six weeks of your own enrollment. To finalize your PaceSetter status, you help both of them stay active for eight consecutive weeks after their Business Centers are activated.

To qualify as a Platinum PaceSetter, you will have to help four Distributors you sponsor to activate at least one Business Center each within six weeks of your own enrollment. To finalize your Platinum PaceSetter status, you help all four of them stay active for eight consecutive weeks after their Business Centers are activated.

Q3.) When does my six weeks start – when I submit my USANA application of when I activate my first Business Center?

Your six weeks start the day you submit your USANA Distributor Application online or to the USANA office in Manila.

Q4.) How do Distributors I sponsor stay active for eight consecutive weeks?

Starting the week their Business Ceters are activated, their individual Personal Volume should be maintained at 100 points or more on a rolling basis for eight weeks. One way to meet this condition is for each of the four to activate with 150 points or more, and then ensure that their first AutoShip orders four weeks hence are at least 100 points each. Your Platinum PaceSetter Status is finalized when the last of the four Distributors you sponsor completes his eighth week.

Q5.) Will my Platinum PaceSetter status be affected if one or more of the four Distributors I sponsor return products for refunds?

If the returned amounts result in your Distributors’ Business Centers becoming inactive, USANA may revoke your Platinum PaceSetter status.

Q6.) What are the benefits of becoming a Pacesetter or a Platinum PaceSetter?

Like any aspect of USANA, there are many benefits to be enjoyed upon becoming a PaceSetter and especially upon becoming a Platinum PaceSetter. These benefits are as follows:

A PaceSetter receives up to two-weeks of free-BDS privilege upon qualification, and enjoys a 50% Matching Bonus upon finalization of his PaceSetter status.

A Platinum PaceSetter receives four weeks of free BDS upon qualification and enjoys a 100% Matching Bonus upon finalization of his or her Platinum PaceSetter status.

PaceSetters and Platinum PaceSetters may also receive a special lapel pin, a gift, and additional privileges at major USANA events and conventions.

 Q7.) How does my PaceSetter Free-BDS privilege work?

During your two weeks of free BDS, all new Distributors you sponsor who activate at least one Business Center will receive their BDS. They save up to PHP 990.

Q8.) Is there a limit to the number of people I can enroll with free BDS during my two weeks of privilege of Free-BDS as a PaceSetter?

No there isn’t. You may sponsor as many people as you wish without having them pay for the BDS during this period of time. The only provision is that they have to activate at least one Business Center upon enrollment.

Q9.) When does my PaceSetter Free-BDS privilege start?

It begins on Monday the week after the second Distributor you sponsored activates his Business Center(s).

Q10.) If I enroll my first three Distributors in Week 2 of my enrollment and they all activate their Business Centers, will the third one be able to receive a free BDS?

No. Your free BDS privilege starts on Monday of the next week.

Q11.) Do I have to finalize my Platinum PaceSetter status before I am entitled to Free-BDS privilege?

No, you are only entitled to Free-BDS when you qualify as a PaceSetter or as a Platinum PaceSetter.

Q12.) If I help two Distributors activate their Business Centers in Week 2 of my enrollment, may I use my Free-BDS perk in Weeks 3 and 4 to enroll my next two Distributors so I can move up to Platinum status?

Yes and when you are able to qualify for Platinum PaceSetter status, you will be receiving an additional two weeks of Free-BDS privilege to make up your total entitlement of four weeks.

Q13.) Do I earn 100% Matching Bonus when I qualify for my Platinum PaceSetter status or will I have to wait until my status is finalized?

You earn Matching Bonus from the very beginning but the amount you earn before your status if finalized is kept by USANA until your finalization. This amount earned that is kept by USANA until your finalization is referred to as “Banked”.

On Matching Bonus

Q1.) Why did USANA introduce this bonus?

USANA’s matching bonus policy rewards all Distributors for helping people they sponsor launch to a fast start. As an added bonus, Distributors can start earning commissions without necessarily balancing two legs.

Q2.) Will I earn a Matching Bonus only from Distributors I sponsor who become Platinum PaceSetters?

Yes, distributors you sponsor must become Platinum PaceSetters in order for you to match their commissions.

Q3.) If I sponsor three Distributors who all become Platinum PaceSetters, will I earn a Matching Bonus from all three at the same time?

Yes you will. An example is that if all three of your Distributors are earning 1,000 CVP a week then you will be receiving 3,000 CVP on top of your own commission if you are a Platinum PaceSetter yourself.

Q4.) Will I earn a Matching Bonus even if I am not a Platinum PaceSetter?

Yes, you can be a PaceSetter and earn a 50 percent match or you could neither be a Platinum PaceSetter or a PaceSetter nor earn a 25 percent match. Platinum PaceSetters, however, earn a 100 percent matching bonus.

Q5.) When a Platinum PaceSetter I sponsor earned a Matching Bonus, do I get to match his matching Bonus?

No. You may only match the weekly commission of a Platinum PaceSetter you support.

Q6.) When do I start matching the CVP of Platinum PaceSetters that I sponsor?

Matching Bonus start to be “banked” from the week the Distributor you sponsor enrolls.

Q7.) A friend I sponsored has just qualified as a Platinum PaceSetter and he earned 100 CVP this week. Why don’t I see the matching amount reflected in my commission?

You will receive the matching payment after he finalizes his Platinum PaceSetter status. USANA banks all the commissions he earns in the weeks before finalization and pays you in one lump sum upon his finalization as a Platinum PaceSetter.

Q8.) How do I track how much Matching Bonus I have banked?

The message Center on the USANAtoday website lists the total amount of Matching Bonus or potential Matching Bonus banked.

Q9.) Do I need to subscribe to Downline Management System to view this information?

No. Your total earned and potential banked amounts will be posted on the USAtoday homepage with a link to a report that breaks those aounts down by individual Distributors you have sponsored.

 Q10.) What if my new personally sponsored Distributor qualifies as a Platinum PaceSetter but fails to finalize his status?

You only earn a Matching Bonus from finalized Platinum PaceSetters – so any banked amount will be lost. Therefore, it is important to work closely with new Distributors you sponsor to encourage them to get their accounts finalized.

Q11.) I earned a 25 CVP Matching Bonus. Why wasn’t it paid to me?

When your total earnings for a week are under 40 CVP, USANA banks that total and pays it as a lump sum with your next commission check.

Q12.) Do I have to be commission-qualified to earn a Matching Bonus?

Yes, this is done to able to earn a Matching Bonus. Your Business Center must be active, however.

Q13.) My banked Matching Bonus amount from last week has disappeared. What happened?

It may be due to one of three reasons.

The Distributor you sponsored failed to qualify as a Platinum PaceSetter

Your Business Center became inactive because you did not maintain 100 PSV every four weeks.

The Distributor you sponsored failed to finalize as a Platinum PaceSetter

Q14.) Can I recover my “lost” Matching Bonus by re-activating my Business Center?

No. However, by becoming commission-eligible and re-activating your Business Center, you will again be eligible to immediately start earning and accumulating Matching Bonus.

Q15.) The Distributor I sponsored finalized her Platinum PaceSetter status BEFORE I did. Do I still earn a 100 percent match of her commission?

Yes, but this can only be finalized once you get your Platinum Status.

Dale FollandUSANA Philippines