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You want to be a Billionaire? Then read this.

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Most people we talk to are okay with reviewing home based businesses, but some prefer to socialise than work one. A couple of us attended an Entrepreneurial Real Estate Summit a while ago (yes on a Saturday) and while most others are drinking, BBQ’ing and Chill-laxing, we have decided to be squashed in a room with 300 lifestyle hungry kiwi’s – all volunteering to hear from some wealthy business entrepreneurs
Brad Sugars. An Australian Real Estate Tycoon pointed out:
‘The way I see it is, most people spend more time planning their weekend than they do their financial future!
A pilot always has a flight plan so they arrive at their destination 100% of the time. No one would fly on a plane if the pilot failed to create a flight plan right? So why do 98% of people retire broke?
It’s simple. They Failed to Plan!
They drift from day to day wondering why they’re getting the same results each week but thinking their life is too busy to do anything, that they don’t know how to start a home business or, they can’t do it, or, they can’t afford it, or, they don’t have time, or, they have these self limiting beliefs before they even start a business.
This is why as the first line suggests, ‘Most people are okay to review home based businesses’ but that’s where it ends with them. Some prefer to watch TV than to turn it off and get to work. Don’t be that person.
By the way… ‘I don’t have the time’ is the grown up version of ‘The dog ate my homework’.
These people will always fail – always. Unless they take Massive Determined Action to Change – just take that one step towards Success and Success will move towards them’.
Well said Mr Sugars.
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Dale FollandYou want to be a Billionaire? Then read this.