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Want To Quit Your Job? Ewe Might Not Be Ready!

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Righti-Ho, so you want to quit your job?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to be fair, but you should’ve started taking action a few years ago if you want to quit today. It’s never to late to start however but this is a quick ‘Don’t Need A Lot Of Skills’ on How to Quit.

Step 1. Go to Work.
Step 2. Take a deep breath in the elevator.
Step 3. Walk into the bosses office, sit down, put your feet up on the desk as you relax back into the chair and quietly say.

‘I can’t afford to work for you anymore’.

Simple. Boom. Done. You get up, and leave with a smile…but your butt crack is a little sweaty (or was that just me)?

Let’s move on… Now your responsible for your own income. How do you feel about that? Invigorating or nervous? Just sit back for a second and allow me to set the scene.

You thought about making more money from home but you didn’t know how. Your saw a home business that you liked, but were nervous but said Yes anyway 3 years ago:

  • You had reservations on if you were doing the right thing, but you stuck it out.
  • You worked hard on a part time basis in the nooks and crannies of your life, but you stuck it out
  • The shit hit the fan…you experienced more bruises than a rookie at a rodeo – but you stuck it out.
  • Your partner doesn’t see Instant Wealth and thinks you should Quit – and Focus On Your Job. You smiled back and stuck it out.
  • You’ve seen first hand that working a home business is bloody hard – you nearly quit 2,462 times. You Stuck It Out
  • Finally. You won. You’re earning more money from home than you do at work because you Stuck it Out – that’s How You Quit Your Job.

You now Own Your Life. Simply because you said Yes to something 3 years and you didn’t quit despite having no idea on how it would end up.

Remember… Nothing Can Develop Momentum With A No and with a Negative Mindset

I can honestly say – Working from home is cool – freaking cool. I was driving the kids to school this morning and I heard the traffic report. What was normally a 35-40 min drive to work for someone, was taking 1.5 hours – no accident, but it was raining out. That’s it. Rain. Stuff that!!! After dropping my 2 little blighters off to school, instead of going home, I decide to sit in a warm cafe…type my thoughts out then I started thinking, those poor bastards are still in traffic, still heading to work.

Don’t stick with the 45 year plan. It’s broken. Lets get real and say the majority of people who head back to work on Monday is because they have to. I was told a job is designed to pay the bills. That’s it.

If you want to quit your job, you need a plan! If you want to quit your job, you need to take action. If you want to quit your job – you need to Screw it, Just Do it.

It might be time to create your exit strategy! Stick it Out…there’s something for you. There are 5,500 people each day starting a business from home and in 1-2-3 years may just have a different outlook on life. When is it your turn?

Make the shift. 

and Check out our Tribe.

Committed To Your Success.

The Home Based Business Team

Dale FollandWant To Quit Your Job? Ewe Might Not Be Ready!

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