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Million Dollar Interview with Toni VanSchoyck and James Treloar

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Can you Make A Million Dollars In a Home Based NZ Business?

Short Answer…yes. To date I have made over $1.7 NZD and over 300 others in the business I’m in and to think when I first looked I said Yeah nah…not for me. What a silly silly ignorant view on things. My partner at the time decided to sign up…so grateful she didn’t listen to my pig-headedness.

What I mean by that is “I thought I knew what this was about‘ and my ‘self limiting beliefs‘ about ‘what people would think‘ and ‘all you do is have to sell things to your friends‘ and ‘all the people at the top make all the money

What an embarrassing load of BOLLOCKS! I’m embarrassed when I look back at the thought process behind it all.

Network Marketing has made more Millionaires than any industry in the developed world – ever!

So – Can You Do it?

That’s a whole new question and this depends…If you’re INTERESTED in achieving a better financial future or are you COMMITTED in your financial future – there’s a MASSIVE difference with being interested and being committed with home based businesses because we differ from a shop front on the main street when it comes to success. You need to apply effort.

You see – if you’re INTERESTED you’ll come up with reasons and stories why you can’t. You’ll stay working for the dollar the old fashioned way…not a problem if you prefer.

If you’re COMMITTED you’ll upgrade your knowledge and upgrade your skills and become the person to develop a new story and new life.

In this episode, Eric Worre sits down with million-dollar power couple Toni Vanschoyck and Jay Treloar to discuss how they got started in their home based business in Network Marketing (or direct to consumer) detailing the daily method of operation they use in their business and with their team, and share some of the social media strategies they use for success.

Did you read the BOLD Daily Method Of Operation

If you treat a business like a business…and give it the same dedication you do your job, it’ll pay you back more than you expect…but treat it like a hobby that you’re embarrassed about and it’ll pay you a hobby income. Drive your home based business NZ with purpose, not with ‘oh yeah I do this on the side…’ type of mentality. You’ll flounder quickly and see an expense and not a letterbox lifestyle income that you can work from your laptop in Fiji.

Want more interviews like this?  Let me know…I watch them all the time and have a stack 🙂

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Cheers/ The Home Business Team

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Dale FollandMillion Dollar Interview with Toni VanSchoyck and James Treloar