What we really get up to

Having a home based business doesn’t mean you’re tucked away in an office shuffling papers and handling complaints. It’s quite the opposite. It’s meeting new people and if timing is on your side, it’s travelling to their conferences.

Getting out of the rat race is a damn sight better than plonking yourself on the couch watching My Kitchen Rules…for the 400th time. Spend your time wisely, learn a new skill, earn a part-time income which is a nice compliment to your existing income. Spend a little more time refining things…and your part-time ‘thing’ could become your new BFF.

Most people I get to sit with are simply wanting more. More time, more money, better health – just more life. They work a job. Their boss dictates when they arrive, when they leave, how many paid weeks holiday they have.

Home businesses do the opposite. Yes you work hard, but probably no harder than your job. Yes there is some sacrifice. But is 40 years in the workforce only to retire broke a sacrifice of the life you have? So sacrifice, I mean is turning off the TV and working on your home based business a 5 to 10 hours a week. Defining your skills, grouping together with other home business owners and leveraging your time.

You see. We are the same as you. We just wanted more. We’re no better than anyone else. We all have chosen that we will work smarter when we work from home. We stay consistent with our home business – it’s easy to do because we ALL work the same duplicatable home business system. This eventually will lead to the average person having the time and financial independence they deserve.

Do you deserve it? Check out the images to the right. We have some fun along the way and meet some cool likeminded people too.

Trying to look cool

What's a home business without a Selfie

Sometimes they pick us up in style

5 Star Reward trip to Fiji

The odd Toga party never went amiss

Cool conferences designed to improve our business.

There is a bit of interest in home businesses. We have a seat for you!

There is a bit of interest in home businesses. We have a seat for you!

Dale FollandWhat we really get up to