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This is so doable! But most people still won’t do it – and still complain.

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Ok Doky – picture this. You heard about making money online but instead, you were told to go to school – study hard – get a job – work hard – climb the corporate ladder and you’ll get what ever you want in life.

How’s that working out so far? Yep, I know, I heard it too and it still occurs today – everyday.

I see school leavers heading into the workforce with the same mindset that they will get that Ferrari. However a lot of school leavers are more open to opportunities outside their jobs over their parents who…so far have been working for over the 20 year mark now and are so accustomed to wake up, go to work, come home, cook, watch TV, go to bed – repeat, that they are out of sync with reality and what’s possible for them to achieve in life.

Statistics show that most school leavers will never learn anymore other than a particular skill in a job. So consider this. You spend on average 1.75 hours watching TV a night and 1 hour commuting to and from work. I challenge you to take a personal development book on any subject (but choose something about making money outside your job) – and read.

If you drive a car, download and buy a book and listen to it. In 2 weeks you would’ve finished a book on Personally Developing yourself. In 1 year you would’ve read 26 books. I would hazard a guess and say you would have enough intestinal fortitude and be motivated enough to change the outlook in your life. Start then to look at things you can do in your spare time.

Then, after applying 6 months to a year working 3-10 hours a week on a side line project – you would’ve probably created an income that you’d be quite proud of – one that may make you fire your boss!

So – are you going to watch someone live out their dream on TV mindlessly for hours week in and week out, then make excuses why you can’t create your dream lifestyle or are you going to live life intentionally and have these uphill hopes rather than downhill habits – contact with us to learn about making money online, or go to the contact page to contact us directly.

Because trust me when I say – MOST large income earning families spend more time developing themselves (this does include reviewing ways to make more money online) than they do watching TV. This is a SIGN – Do you need more of a signal than this one?? Get on to it.

Check out this couple if you need some inspiration.

Committed to your Success.

Dale Folland

Dale FollandThis is so doable! But most people still won’t do it – and still complain.

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