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5 ways to make More Money in 2017

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Someone recently said ‘Why is it so hard to make more money’. I thought about this, and I think I can challenge that mindset. Here’s 5 ways to make more money in 2017 but before I get into that, consider this.

So if I told you your life would be exactly as it is 10 years from now, I doubt if you’d be happy! In addition, if you could have everything you ever wanted, being the person you are, then you should already have it, right?
If not, then you need to change the variables, or at least cultivate a different mindset than the conditioned one you may already have. I say that because your current daily habits (earning and spending) has got you were you are today! That’s not necessarily a bad thing – but it’s shaped you into what you are likely to have in the future.

So if you you’re happy with your lot, well done! If you think you could sharpen the sword – read on.

By the way…you need to be a little ballsy if you want to live your best life. Now, I said I’d challenge the mindset so here’s 5 ways to make more money.

  1. Ask your boss for a raise. 75% of people who negotiate their salary get a raise. Build a case with why you should earn more. Book a meeting and ask.
  2. Give yourself a pay rise. If your boss pulled a shifty one over you and you ended up on the same salary as last year then start something from home in your spare time. The home business industry increased 400% this last financial year. Click Here and find one. There are a ton of things, do Macramé from home and sell on TradeMe – just do something from home so you are eligible to claim back on your taxes (Talk to the IRD about your deductions) but earning back $500 to $5,000 on your tax is definitely worth it but work in with a Qualified Accountant just to be sure.
  3. Rent out a room on AirBNB. I have a friend who makes a few hundred extra dollars simply by renting out her room in the house she lives in.
  4. If you have certain professional skills. Post an ad on From time to time I need things like banners designed, something proof read, video intro designed for my YouTube Channel, Thumbnail for YouTube clip designed and it’s easier for me to pay someone $5 to do it. If you think 5 bucks isn’t much – there are add on’s that can make some jobs worth $20…and it might take you 15 minutes with your skill set so might be worth it.
  5. Go to and look for jobs. People are wanting others to do some chores, from driving their elderly Mother to the Dr’s, or painting their fence, mowing their lawn. Odd jobs for cash.

Told you. Not that hard to come up with 5 ways to make more money right! So some quick fire things to consider. Don’t forget that many people have these Uphill hopes but downhill Habits. Everything you ever wanted in life is Uphill. You can’t accidentally climb to success so follow someone who can show you a better way and create some better habits.

Hope that helps – I wish you all the best. If I can be of help – get in touch.

Dale Folland:

Dale Folland5 ways to make More Money in 2017

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