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Evil Secret Weapon – MLM/NetWork Marketing

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Not Moving Ahead in You Home Based Business?

We’ve got a problem!

An evil secret weapon!

And it is deadly.

Our biggest competitor uses this against us. New Home Business Networkers and business owners are powerless to fight this.

Don’t worry about competing companies. They are low-level competition. 

Our biggest enemy is … procrastination. Yep – ourselves and our OWN limiting beliefs on how we move forward!

It is so easy to “not make a decision” in your own home business. It takes no effort. It’s simple – no harm done. We can delay our commitment to action forever. It sounds like this.

“I need to think it over.”
“We will get back to you.”
“I need to research this more.”
“We are not ready to start yet.”
“Let me ask my friends first.”
“My spouse and I need to talk it over more.”
“I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.”
“Is there a video or more information you could send?”

We hear these delays, give up, and hope we get a “Well, I tried my best” bonus from our company.

Companies don’t pay these bonuses in their compensation plan. 

We only get paid for “yes” decisions.

An easy, rejection-free way to handle this is with a simple Level 2 close. If this does not work, we can always move up to higher levels of closing, all the way to Level 5.

Here is the close. Just say these nine words:

“So, what is going to be easier for you?”

Then, we will give our prospects two options.

Option #1: Continue life as it is. Yes, that is making a decision not to do anything. But, notice that this is a decision.

Option #2: Take action on our message. This would be a decision to buy or join.

Here is that close in action:

“So, what is going to be easier for you? To continue fighting traffic every day for the rest of your working career? Or, to get started tonight to begin the countdown to firing your boss, so that you can work out of your home?”

No more procrastination. Our prospects must decide if they want to take no action, give up hope, and resign themselves to a lifetime of miserable commuting in traffic … or to take action now, so that they will have a different future.

Easy. No rejection. Done.

Want more examples?

* “So what is going to be easier for you? To feel embarrassed that you are paying the highest electricity rates on your street? Or for us to spend five minutes online now to set up your discount?”

* “So what is going to be easier for you? To continue dieting, exercising, eating funny foods, and watching the weight come back? Or, to drink our weight-loss protein shake every morning, and never have to worry about dieting again?”

Is home business or building a network marketing a numbers game? No.

If we don’t know what to say, unlimited numbers won’t help. We could buy leads until we are bankrupt – that doesn’t help either.

Of course, we do have to talk to some people. Hiding behind our computer monitor at home while playing Internet games is a bad plan.

Instead of wasting time saying the wrong things, let’s learn the skills of our profession. Why? Because most people already want what we have to offer. They just don’t like how we are currently describing it. 

We can get better. Contact us – we’ll show you what our home business plan consists of – you can then make choices on if it’s the right thing for you!.

We got this!

See an easy home business set up here:

Health Product Online
Contact owner to see if it’s the correct option for you


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