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Hanging onto Victimhood

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What’s Your Situation Like? Do you wallow in grief about living from week to week or just get on with it?

A lot of switched on people we’ve noticed over the years don’t wallow in their grief. They take action and start a home business. In NZ, we are so fortunate enough to scale it beyond what most people can because of the resources at hand. But there are some, who complain but don’t moved past anything else.

Last post I wrote about how hard you have to work to remain broke. Your Job – it’s engineered to pay the bills, not give you a lavish lifestyle. We know about that, we’re mostly okay with it because that’s what we signed up for at 5 years old – so we could learn how to get a great education and then work hard for someone else’s dream. A Home Business NZ option, delivers a stella way to create an income from home in the nooks and crannies.

But in this economy – our job, or the new Safe Thing To Do is the new risky. Plus what makes this worse is deep down, we know most people are living from paycheque to paycheque but most aren’t planning on doing anything different and a recent natural disaster demonstrated this in a different way.

I saw a story on the people who were staying in buildings that had been condemned as unsafe after a fierce storm.  The poster boy was a guy featured on the homepage of the news site.   It was a photo of him sitting in a chair surrounded by broken glass and insulation from where his ceiling collapsed.  He certainly looked like a poor soul who needed some empathy and support.  The only problem for me was that the picture was taken two weeks after the storm hit.

If you still haven’t even swept the floor and you’re posing for pictures amid the squander – you’re running for sainthood.  Otherwise known as wallowing in victim-hood.

We all face some curveballs from life. The difference is not what happens to you, but what you choose to do about it. If you’re sitting there wondering how come your pay cheque just isn’t cutting it anymore and want to do something about it. Contact Us. Home Business NZ has been in business for over 15 years, our product partner is USANA. USANA Health Sciences is a global leader in health and wellness. Located in over 26 markets.

Learn more about what the online business community is all about. How to make more money online is the most effective way of getting ahead in the new economy.

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Dale FollandHanging onto Victimhood