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4,000 weeks and only 14 days kissing! Seriously!!

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I heard this the other night at a business event I attended. The average person has only 4,000 weeks on the planet. That’s it, we’re done, ka-put! This got me thinking. What on earth do we actually spend our time on – so I did a little research!

  1. We would spend a whopping 25 years sleeping
  2. 1.1 years cleaning
  3. 2.5 years cooking
  4. 3.6 years eating
  5. 4.3 years sitting in a car
  6. 1.5 years sitting on the loo
  7. 90% of the time we spend indoors
  8. 9 years watching TV (that’s average 33 hours a week)
  9. You fart on average 402,000 times (hopefully in the same location as No.6)
  10. We spend (only) 14 days kissing!
  11. 4 days hugging
  12. We have on average only 14 dates.

Whoa! At the end of all of that I’ve realised that some people have some serious digestive issues and we spend only 14 days kissing and 4 full days of hugging – what’s up with that! Clearly we all need to kiss more and definitely improve on our hug times…incidentally, extended hugs of more than 25 seconds increase Oxytocin which is the same chemical released with an orgasm and extended hugs also increase your serotonin levels which elevate mood and happiness!!

Goodness! People…lets use our mouth and arms a little more this week!!! Surely that’s got to be good for us…but I digress!

One thing doesn’t change – the cold hard fact that we only have 4,000 weeks on average to live and you have to admit, this past week flew by!

This brings to the point on how you choose to spend your days. A massive 100,000 hours are spent working; of that figure over 80% are dissatisfied with their job! So next to sleeping; the average person works a job more often than anything else and it appears they work a job that they don’t like! Something’s wrong with that picture!

Ok that’s enough of the stats…oh, just one more. Over 70% wish they were their own boss! That’s encouraging and what’s more so encouraging (and this is the statistic of the decade) that over 80% of women in the USA who earn over $100,000USD per annum work a business from home!

So it seems there are a lot of dissatisfied people that think what they do day to day is normal. So let me tell you something: Normal appears to be getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you’re still paying for in order to get to a job you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live it in

You better read that again so it sinks in but I don’t want to be normal…you?

What on earth is the average person doing when they go to the same freakin’ job when clearly you don’t want to? Most would like options and direction right? Well get in touch  I may be able to help…I may not either, but it’s worthwhile finding out.

Don’t give me the time excuse – or I’ll refer to you No. 8 and No.6.

So if you manage to sort out your digestive issues, you’ll reduce No.9 and get more of No.11 and if you turn off the TV, you’d have an extra 5-10 hours a week to start something from home that will improve your lifestyle!

Remembering that ‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out‘.

I find the average person works their business about 5-10 hours a week…from there, we’ve also seen the average person, like you and I, hit a level in their business where they replace their job-income in just over 3 years. Many after the first year…depends on how you apply yourself. So, would you consider yourself average? Because something is certain my friend – 3 years will come anyway! Note: A Full Audited Income Disclaimer for this business is freely available on request.

Let go of the things you can’t change just yet and start to focus on things you can. You can most certainly put aside time and in this case, 5-8 hours a week (see No.8) – and get in touch and we’ll show you what it is we do!

You’ll know in the first 5 minutes if it’s for you. If you like it great, if you don’t, then that’s good too!

Can I suggest you do what I’m doing this weekend and go take someone out on a date because I’m choosing not to be average! 14 dates out of 4,000 weeks is just simply, a little sad…just be mindful not to mix it with No.9 and definitely not No.1 or else you won’t be getting much of No.10 or you’ll get some very quick No.11’s and probably no more of No.12!

Lets go for 4,000 dates – 1 a week! That should be our aim and remember: Time is what we want most, but what we use worst!

Remember – use this week wisely! I hope we talk.

Committed to your Success.


Dale Folland4,000 weeks and only 14 days kissing! Seriously!!

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