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How To Build An Online Business.

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How To Build An Online Business. A question many ask.

Allow me to set the scene. It was 11pm, I’m lying in bed catching up on some reading when I heard that familiar sounding ‘ding’. An incoming FaceBook message. ‘You free for a quick chat?’. I didn’t have time to respond when my phone started ringing so it appeared I had no choice. It was my brother calling from Indonesia and his first words were…

‘You’re on Tinder right?’.

I sheepishly responded with, ‘Mmmm, maybe…ok, yes I was on a year ago and had a few dates, why?’.

He said ‘I’ve joined’.

I have to point out my brother just celebrated his 16 year wedding anniversary and they are more in love today than ever before. So I’m confused, why is he on Tinder? Well as it turns out, it’s not just a matchmaking site.

It’s a unique business platform – a networking mecca that has the potential to reach thousands of individuals in multiple countries for the price of 3 cups of coffee a month. He continued telling me of his own business success stories after a few short days on Tinder and that of the people he works with in the Jakarta office!

He’s making money off Tinder!

Who would’ve thought! Tinder for business! Why didn’t I think if that! Completely plausible that this has potential and it got me thinking. I hung up, put down my book and started Googling. I see that Tinder itself is beginning to think about applying their intuitive matchmaking process to other verticals – business networking. It makes sense, more and more businesses are using online platforms to grow and expand their services and products – a global reach vs. a reliance on street traffic.

All business owners know that home businesses like mine and traditional businesses require networks to move services and products. If they don’t secure a group of loyal reoccuring customers then they have no sustainable long term business.

Networking is critical.

Surprisingly, this type of networking is more common than you’d expect.  A lot of successful networking home business owners are using this app to secure business in other markets over using paid SEO techniques. It’s a lot less expensive, you maintain control on who you network and match with and with what I’ve read, more and more business owners are discussing the success of Tinder for their personal businesses. I wouldn’t see McDonalds benefiting from this, but smaller online businesses will have a field day.

The global reach is huge. People are matchmaking on the bus, in between sets at the gym, or like me at 1am in bed.

I’m sold on this!! I re-activated my Tinder account and started swiping – I forgot how much fun this is. After 15 minutes I’ve matched with 9 people – whoa, 9! That was quick, but they are all in Auckland, where’s Indonesia?

Cha-ching – I’m now an official Tinder Globe Trotter. A $12.50 per month subscriber, lets get to work. I also needed to remind myself to take my 3 year single hat off and stay focussed on the task – it’s business networking!

I changed locations and about 2 minutes later I received a match in Indonesia. Woohoo – it’s our brand new market. We exchange pleasantries and she asked where I was based in Jakarta. Of course, I was upfront and said I’m using Tinder from Auckland to meet people in her local area who potentially would be interested in a health related business I’m helping start in Indonesia. The conversation continued and we’re connecting up online later to chat further. She was a lovely lady open to business and loved health! Boom! This works.

Be up front in your character profile with what you’re networking objective is and you’ll identify quickly those people open to reviewing business options. An easy choice for those people interested in meeting new people in other markets for business.

Change is inevitable – and most certainly in the way we connect with people. We need to accept that different networking concepts in business come and go – and some are game changers. If you don’t keep up, use it and embrace it, you just may stay working as an employee and for me – I’m unemployable still.

So, I’m lying there at 11am one night I couldn’t help but think…That wasn’t your everyday call!

Happy Tindering peeps!



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