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What income can I generate from a Home Based Business?

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What income can I generate from a home business?

5 Trillion Dollars in only 3 days plus you get a FREE Ginzu Steak Knife Set…quite hilarious all these online false promises! Pathetic really.

Of course everyone’s’ income in their personal home based businesses will be different so it depends on several factors;

(1) Is time spent on your business from home (the average person dedicates a time investment level of about 3-10 hours per week)

(2) Your willingness to be taught a system at your own speed by someone or a team of people you trust to lead you to achieve personal home business success

The image is of my brother Chris and his wife Fi. Chris was a lawyer, Fi an Osteopath.

After 7-8 months they were full time in their business from home. After 5 years created more than 2 Million Dollars and today they spend 6 months in Bali and 6 months in NZ. Quite nice really.

But being realistic for you and your situation at home is important – Our team is one of the largest most cohesive teams operating under one umbrella from home.

We can provide you with full income disclaimers for this working from home business – because we’re super-ass-serious about it. In fact the average team member creates more than a

  • 6 figure income in 3 years 4 months and 2 weeks. Nifty huh!

This is a full independent audited figure. In reality, 3 years is not long!

Do me a favour and think back 3 years, has your income or debt changed at all?

Fast track yourself 3 years from now, because 3 years will come anyway… Where do you see yourself? Same place or potentially earning more?

Interesting to think that is you choose to change direction today, and consider yourself ‘average’ then you too could be creating a very viable home based business producing you an asset worth more than $100,000NZD.

Worth investigating? Contact me for a no obligation chat

Being teachable is the crux of creating a successful home based business.

I’ll put it this way, if you were to climb Mt Everest, would you mark your own trail to the top or be guided to the peak through successful climbers?

Of course, it’s the latter! One thing to consider for your home based business is what potentially you could save as a tax deduction. If you are a PAYE employee and you operate a functioning professional profitable home based business business, you could be entitled to tax relief.

We are not tax accountants and certainly don’t profess to be, however qualified tax specialists have said on average you could save several thousands dollars per year on your tax. Ask this lady – Michelle runs her own tax accounting company.

She has been working with our team here in NZ for the past 15 years. She can let you in on a few secrets about what the average person saves on their tax.

Either way. The sky is the limit with what you can generate from a home business. Most people make money which is why 5,500 people started their own business from home today.

When is it your turn?

Committed To Your Success.

The Home Business Team

Dale FollandWhat income can I generate from a Home Based Business?

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