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Are Kiwi’s Too Risk Averse? Many Entrepreneurs Believe So.

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Fancy yourself as an Entrepreneur ? Or happy with just a job? Many Kiwi’s spend more time planning a birthday than they do their financial future.

Richard Branson recently said at a seminar here in Auckland that:

‘Most people over their lifetime get knocked over by 2 or 3 life changing opportunities, yet they just stand back up, dust themselves off and keep on walking…’

‘Most Kiwi’s and Australians tend to only listen to the negative reviews and opinions of self-proclaimed online industry professionals, when often, these authors have had little to no experience themselves. Right out of the gate, these budding entrepreneurs have just placed a handbrake on their own financial future.
Without realising it.
Kiwis notoriously spend hours online researching; which is okay but we’ve experienced over 90% never making any choices to move forward because they ‘think they are being taken for a ride’. In 2017, most business opportunities are effective. Most scams are driven out hard and fast. Yet many middle class Kiwi’s tend to convince themselves it’s not a good option and those exact same business opportunities will be seen and snapped up by an open minded business investor – or a motivated Mum from home who decided ‘Why Not’.

He went on to say ‘When you train your mind to be Risk Averse then you’re preparing yourself to be Reward Challenged. That’s not the best approach especially if you’re over 45 years old and live in NZ’

Watch this 1.21 min Video with his opinions on home business entrepreneurs and their future.

You see, as we age many people find it hard to make decisions with their lives but we tend to see our targets or goals as opportunities to maintain the status quo and keep things running smoothly rather than trialing something new. We’re conditioned that way but I urge you to go against the grain.

A recent Harvard study called this a ‘Prevention Focus’. It’s associated with a robust aversion to being wide-eyed and optimistic, making mistakes, and taking chances. The rest of us are promotion-focused, see our goals as opportunities to make progress and end up better off, and are not particularly averse to risky choices when they hold the potential for rich gains.

So back into my friend, lets call him Bob. He said, ‘Kiwi’s have always had this Tall Poppy syndrome and are nervous about making any choices or decisions about most things, but more so about businesses that make money online’ …by the way, if you’re not reviewing part-time e-commerce businesses online now, you’ll soon be looking for a second and third job.

I have over the years spoken to thousands of individuals about operating a small business from home so they can earn more income and after spending over 30,000 hours working an online/offline business alongside some of the most brilliant minds in business, I feel I can help you get where you want to get to.

Email me at

But check this out; Hundreds of people have said ‘Yes’ and Hundreds have said ‘No’ to me. It saddens me to think at how many people are still status quo, still struggling to get by, still nervous about retirement, still skeptic, still wondering about ‘What business will work’…over choosing one and making it work.

Maybe it’s because of this.

Bob has spoken about Kiwis finding the Negative projections more appealing to listen to than the Positive – a negative emotion is 7 x more powerful than a positive one. Maybe that is why the News has the most ratings year after year.

He continues to say, ‘Many people need to understand early on ‘If they are controlled by the opinion of others, they have placed a ceiling on their future

I’ve seen hundreds of Kiwi’s procrastinate…they have an amazing No.8 Wire approach but when it comes to choices in business – we’re not leading the pack. Pareto Principle is alive and well; The longer you leave something, the less likely you are to make a decision.

Remember that nothing moves ahead with a No!

…Richard Branson ended by saying ‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re unsure if you can do it, say Yes then learn how to do it later’

See you at the Top.

Committed to your Success.

Dale Folland

Dale FollandAre Kiwi’s Too Risk Averse? Many Entrepreneurs Believe So.

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