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Advantages of a Home Based Business

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The Advantages to a Home Based Business are huge.

That image is simply the reason I choose a different line of work! The idea of working for forty years to retire on ‘one-third’ of what was not even enough for the forty years just does not make sense. Are you subconsciously conditioned to go to work on Monday perhaps?

picture_first_mover_advantageYour decision to supplement your income from home and work a home business needs to be 100% protected. We are New Zealand’s only ‘publicly listed home based business company’ available with a FULL money back guarantee in place – email me on on the ‘Home’ tab or use the ‘Contact Me‘ tab and I’ll email you further information or you can request to chat.

Working from home part-time initially supplement my income has inspired me to help others achieve the same. I have had so much fun working from home and seeing my two kids grow up and I wouldn’t have had that opportunity had I stayed employed as a blue collar worker

However home based businesses in New Zealand can be quite confusing but there are many advantages to a home based business but many dangers to watch out for also. Some want money for information packs (beware) some are not listed with any governing body so who knows if they are safe, most are trying to be competitive in the market place by telling you they are the best and pay the most – ask them to prove it, they probably can’t. We are independently reported and audited by Price WaterhouseCooper to have the highest payout percentage of all reporting companies in the industry – so your decision process should be straight forward.

Income Disclaimer: Average income earner on a part time basis = $US$23,900.00 (NZ$33,460) Average full time earner US$73,000 (NZ$105,000)

Bear in mind however they have all worked hard and the average time to create their full time income on average was 3 years 4 months and 2 days. Lets face it, 3 years is going to come anyway!!! Will you make $100K in 3 years doing what you do?

Having the knowledge to choose the right home based business for you before you make a decision is important, you need to be comfortable the home based business you choose is right for you. This home based business in NZ could provide your family with a income producing asset that could walk you free from your job so you can fire your boss – imagine the feeling! To some it would a fun thing to do.

To find out how our home business works. Email me on with the Subject Heading Home Based Business and we’ll be in touch.

Sadly, our spending is out of control. The Baby Boomers are finding it hard to survive, yet the generation below are retiring earlier and living longer so relying on the government to supply you with a healthy weekly income when you retire is very trusting. A solution is to become independent from the conditioned workplace – If you knew that there was a way to start a home based business, receive full ongoing training from top home business leaders living in New Zealand…would you look into it? What if the company you work with was a public home business company, the home business leader in it’s field for over 17 years straight? It would feel like you’re a part of something quite big – we think so. All those facts are true and our income statistics are available on request.

Fill in the Request Info and I’ll be in touch with some more Advantages to a Home Based Business. Like One Fact: Average income to our Home Based Business: After 3 years, 4 months, 2 days = over $100,000 NZD. No way. Yes way…we can prove it !

Is the desire to change greater than your willingness to learn the skills? What will you be earning in 3 years? Want to see the independent audited statistics on our average income earners? Contact me through the Contact Me tab.

No doubt been through a lot of interesting marketing hype on the internet. You’re probably looking for an exit strategy from work or simply you’re after money to enjoy some nice things in life as a family. First off we’re anormal family too, with normal friends, and (no) most are not part of our business, normal kids but unfortunately a slightly strange Golden Retriever dog. We hate the ‘rah rah make a million bucks’ while sitting on your tush in front of the TV type stuff. We are straight up with you and in fact we need to be straight up with you and act with integrity as our parent company run under the strict Code of Ethics for the DSA – which is a governing body who regulate sites and companies and home businesses like ours.

Please bear in mind that we operate our home based business like a business. If you owned and operated a traditional business would you hire terrible employees or the best employees? That’s the same with us, we want to align ourselves with people who have the right attitude, people who are dependable and are prepared to put in effort. We’ll take care of the rest, like training and coaching. Simply put – we enjoy working from home with home based business entrepreneurs – not people who buy into hope.

Giving you the full statistics of our home based business is important. You need to know who’s done what and in what time frame and that’s the first thing we do, we know what is required in a home based business, and I can tell you in less that 5 mins, it’s that simple. But let me remind you once more. The Advantages to a Home Based Business are immense. It could mean the difference of living the way you dream of or the way most people end up with. Remember, a Job is designed to just pay the bills.

Or you could alternatively – keep searching, but really what does the Perfect Home Based Business look like to you? Fill in the Request Information Survey you can see if this Home Based Business in NZ will work for you.

If you’ve been reading the news of late you’ll see that ‘Home Based Businesses’ or ‘Work from Home Businesses’ tends to be the new black – simply, it’s damn cool! Long gone of the days where it’s primarily selling things to your neighbours and wondering later what they would think. Home Based businesses are wide and varied with great innovative systems, products and services and adding a good home based business in New Zealand to part of your entourage is critical today. Quickly give me some info on the Request Information Survey and I can forward you some information to consider.

Have a guess how many kiwi’s have loaded themselves onto a home based business – 116,000 so far….and that figure will be incorrect in a week because 70,000 new people ‘globally’ are joining some sort of home based business weekly…what did I say about it being the new black? It’s growing faster than the retail sector now because of our social networking systems – check out the Quick Clips tab on Social Revolution, a brilliant look at the home business world today.

The advantages of a home based business is it’s forever growing. This year, I am considering new home based business team members. These new people are required to be dependable and serious about improving their income from a serious viable home business – I have alot of time available for the persons wanting more – so working the rest of your life is your business, not having to….is mine! No you do not need any experience in home businesses to achieve a result and we have all the tools to work your business effectively and with integrity from home.

As a home based business entrepenuer. You ideally would have:

  1. A leadership attitude
  2. The ability to learn from your experiences. Willing to try and fail but learn from your mistakes. In other words, fall down 7 times, get up 8.
  3. High Energy. If this is a concern, let me know, I can help with this! I’m a Qualified Nutritionist and we’re a world class health company. Check out Best Online Supplements
  4. Effective communicators. Accept training and put it into practice.
  5. About an hour per day – but our home based business is designed to fit around your family (I have one) and your lifestyle.

Fact: There is predicted to be 10 Million New Millionaires in the next 10 years by running Home Based Businesses; this is directly from the best selling book ‘The Next Millionaires’ by Paul Zane Pilzer, world renouned economist. That’s alot of new Millionaires operating home based businesses so considering it took 220 years to get 8.9 Million Millionaires – 10 years doesn’t seem that far away.

What will your income be in the next 10 years? Will it be from a home based business or from drawing a wage from work that your not happy with? Let me say first, I’m not here to sell you anything, I’m just a normal kiwi bloke and our home business is going FANTASTIC without you. I’m here to briefly educate you should you want free advice on home based businesses. If you choose to take your home based business to the next step – well done, I’ll be your coach, should you not, great, I wish you the best success with whatever you choose.

Everybody stumbles across a golden opportunity at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately most people just pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and walk away from it’
— Winston Churchill

I challenged the 45 year career model by not waiting 45 years to find out that it didn’t work, but chose to listen and take action, effort and listening to those already successful from their home based businesses.

You don’t need to give up work, it’s not recommended as we work WITH you in the nooks and crannies of your life until your happy with the results…it’s all on your grounds, not ours, it’s around your life, not ours. We can’t make that any easier. Why am I doing this? I’ll let you know when we chat…it’ll make sense then.

We do make sure you are serious about becoming successful from your home based business because the Advantages to a home based business are not to take lightly. We put in a lot of effort to get you there so we’ve made it our mission ‘To help others achieve business, personal and financial success’ I can help create change in your financial situation – you just need the desire and be prepared to put in effort.

So, are you completely happy with your income? If not, what are you doing about it? Take the governor off your life and do something, rather than think it’s all going to work out. You may be that type of person that reaches for Countdown’s 4c off a litre of gas ticket each time you go to the gas station. Most of us are in a SAVE SAVE SAVE mode! Lets face it, 4c a liter saves you a $2 a tank – if your car is a part of your business there’s potentially more you can claim on your car than just 4c a litre. By discussing your home business with an authorized and registered tax accountant or the IRD you can learn what you can legally claim back from a working home business. Learn to manage your BIGGEST expense (tax) like most other success home based business owners.

The tried but never proven to work 45 year plan is not the best of making money systems. Why, well check out how long your parents stayed working…that’s an indication that work services our debt. When will it be time to build equity in yourself? Millions of people around the globe (70,000 a day) are finding Home Based Business opportunities to play a key role in developing additional income streams. Don’t sit back with the skeptics, jump up with the smarter thinking pioneers.

There are more Advantages to a home based business and another is the flexibility around your life, you don’t need to sacrifice time with your children in order to grow a sucessful business from home. Ask us what we did and duplicate because we’ve already been there.

The question is: Are you ready to start a Home Based Business and work alongside real Home Based Business Entrepreneurs that are ready to work alongside you to help you succeed? Our success depends on your success – so we do have a LARGE vested interest the development of your home based business. You’ll see why when we talk.

It’s as simple as that!

I can put you in contact with busy Mum’s and Dad’s with multiple children, average wage earners, Captains of Airplanes, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Doctors, Builders, downsized corporate warriors or even people with two or more jobs, they can share with you their experiences in working their home based business alongside a busy full time job and how useful our work from home systems can be. Home based businesses and working from home is for anyone wanting a better lifestyle! Success from home could be yours, it simply depends on your actions!

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