What we really get up to

Working from home we need to ensure we don’t get ‘cabin’ fever’ as they say…so it’s important to head out and get some R and R. Most of our trips are professionally related. So we ensure there is some business information we can take away and apply in our home business. We all work the same system, within a large multi-national company. This makes it a lot easier when it comes to ensuring your success. It’s all about duplication.

Having a home based business doesn’t mean you’re tucked away in an office shuffling papers and handling complaints. It’s quite the opposite. It’s meeting new people and if timing is on your side, it’s travelling to their conferences. Getting out of the rat race is a damn sight better than plonking yourself on the couch watching My Kitchen Rules…for the 400th time. Spend your time wisely…learn a new skill, earn a part-time income which is a nice compliment to your existing income. Spend a little more time refining things…and your part-time ‘thing’ could become your new BFF.

Dale FollandWhat we really get up to