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The Best Home Business Marketing is a challenge to find. A LinkedIn small home business networking group just posted a question on what its business owners consider as the most used and most practical successful marketing tactic for their business in 2015. As expected, most business owners have a variety of answers they are as follows:

  1. Online Social Media, promoting their brand, increase followers and increase traffic This is by far the No.1 tool used now.Word of mouth.
  2. Customer referral
  3. Offering free webinars

Your Bank (like ANZ Biz Hub) will offer free services on how to operate small home based businesses. It is so important to network so you can gather more and more information with how to grow a successful home based business. Here are some great Low Cost Marketing Ideas for your Business

1) Home Business Owners on other sites suggested the below marketing strategies worked best for them.
2) Blogging, get your name out there and your services and products. Example on how a Good SEO Blog looks like
3) Search engine optimisation, tricky little sucker to work out but worth the effort.
4) Pay per click, make sure you have some money. Home based businesses don’t have neon signs on their roofs making it a challenge to locate customers
5) Content marketing
6) Mobile marketing
7) Facebook and Google+ are a great addition to small businesses from home and learning how to use their services your targeted audience.

Running a small home based business does require time and consistent effort. But the rewards are far greater than what I’ve seen in most traditional based businesses. Case Studies? Check some out Here The overheads for a NZ based business is smaller therefore the risk isn’t as great and with time and effort you’ll start to enjoy the benefits.

Spend your time researching the best home business for your needs, ensure the products are effective and you are comfortable in marketing them online or in person as ultimately you want to make sure your ideal home business holds the types of services and products that are going to benefit a large amount of people. The main reason that your products or services within the home business industry is important is you haven’t got a neon sign on your roof with ‘come and buy my products’ so your skills with online home businesses would be important to master.

Your Home Based Business Team

Dale FollandBest Home Business Marketing

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