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USANA NZ Review. Things You Probably Should Know.

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USANA NZ (USANA Health Sciences) is strong growing billion dollar company within the direct to consumer channel, meaning they sell products through Independent Business Owners. USANA had a very slow start but nothing unusual for a business new into a market.

USANA peaked in the NZ in 2006 with strong multi-million dollar sales, then leveled out over the 2007-2009 years and have grown steadily in 2010-2017. USANA New Zealand has the highest paid income earner who earns an estimated $4 Million NZD. It’s products are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade GMP’s in an FDA Registered Facility and have been rated (independently) as the highest standards and specifications available and it’s proven to be a solid business model over the years.

The company is publicly traded, this is a great thing as you can see the financial strength the company. The USANA share price (ticker: USNA) is an indicator of growth being one of the top price performing companies in the New York Stock Exchange. In January 2013, USANA traded at $19USD per share, August 2015, their share price rocketed to $148USD per share. This shows strong performance in associate product sales and is now one of the youngest DS companies to sit in the Top 20 positions globally as a home business option alongside other reputable companies.

If you’re interested to purchase USANA Health Sciences products and learn about their technology. Feel free to follow on here USANA NZ


USANA has New Zealand’s only pharmaceutical grade health products therefore they are pricey. Some may see this as a hindrance to a home based business, others see it as a mark of quality and point of difference between basic products in the supermarket and superior products manufactured at research facilities. But the cost of the products certainly hasn’t stopped USANA’s consistent growth. USANA Products are sold via the Direct to Consumer channel or online via sites like: Perfect Health Supplements

Some review the sales of product via USANA’s business channel a pyramid scheme. Companies like NuSkin, Amway, USANA NZ, Nutrimetics and Avon are not illegal schemes, they are reputable profitable businesses. Illegal Schemes do not become public companies and do not end up on the public stock market for decades if they were in fact, illegal.

USANA and many other DS companies are like any traditional business. It requires hard work, dedicated efforts over the period of time. Many people fail to see that business requires efforts and therefore quit after not seeing results and this shows negative statistics on businesses like USANA, Herablife and NuSkin as statistically shows a high fail rate for associates. This could turn many people off starting a business from home.

The industry does have some Pro’s and Con’s. But I’ll say this:

If you are controlled by the opinions of others and believe such information about these organisations being Illegal, then hang up your entrepreneurial hat and stay in your job because you’ve just placed a ceiling on your future.

What is USANA?

A US Based Research facility for human nutrition. Started in 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They distribute Health and Personal Care products made in an FDA Registered Facility to Pharmaceutical Grade GMP’s.


Started in 1998 and forms one of 20 markets globally and is the youngest company to hit the top 20 direct selling companies globally since direct selling started over 80 years ago. USANA’s annual revenue exceeds $1 Billion Dollars and has paid out close to 3 BillionUSD in commissions to over 200,000 business owners.

USANA has been operating in NZ for the past 19 years. They will be celebrating their 20th year working the New Zealand and Australian markets in 2018. As we understand, they will be Celebrating their 20th Anniversary in Auckland Aotea Centre with a new product line called Celavive Skincare featuring the companies new InCelligence Complex. A breakthrough in nutritional science.

Celavive will be their primary skincare line and USANA Sense (their current skincare line) will be discontinued.

USANA New Market Information:

USANA plans to expand in 4 new markets in the middle of 2018.

USANA Italy. Italy does 2.9 Billion in Sales for the direct selling industry currently.
USANA Spain 
Spanish DS Companies combined did over 1 Billion Euros in 2016
USANA Germany Over 80% of the 200,000 business owners in Germany are female. Cosmetics is the most sought after home business in Germany.
USANA Romania. Is one the fastest growing countries for direct selling. Health is the most sought after home based business in Romania.

The USANA products for these markets have yet to be announced as each market, their government health regulations and prices differ and therefore this information will be known closer to the time of opening. The information will be found on their Official USANA Site

USANA health Sciences was founded by a PhD Microbiologist and Immunologist Dr Myron Went in 1992. He previously owned and operated a medical laboratory called Gull Labs in the USA. Gull Labs manufactured viral test kits for hospitals and med labs. He sold Gull Labs for over $20 Million USD and switched his research from disease diagnostics to degenerative disease research. His Gull Lab funds helped fund USANA health Sciences research facility.

USANA’s primary range of products is their Vitamins and Mineral Range. USANA HealthPak, USANA CellSentials (formally known as USANA Essentials) USANA Usanimals for kids and USANA BodyRox for Teenagers and their new entrant into the NZ market. USANA Prenatal.

USANA Cellsentials.

USANA Cellsentials

USANA Problems:

USANA has been in the spot light a few times with allegations from people claiming they were operating an illegal pyramid. The allegations never gained any traction and was quickly dismissed.

USANA was also investigated in 2007 by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) who oversee the public stocks in the USA for potential breaches. It was noted that USANA did not submit financial information in their Form Q-10 for NASDAQ stock listings. Later it was discovered, USANA had not hired another accountant since the previous one resigned and the SEC discontinued their investigations.

USANA had some administrative issues with a senior board member in 2008. Dr Denis Waitley is a world renowned speaker and educator. Dr Waitley has written over a dozen books on personal growth and performance winning and is still is the most listened to voice in personal development.
Dr Waitley has his own Institute and had listed online that he had received his Doctorate from University of California. It was later discovered, Dr Waitley’s assistants had entered in the details in-correctly.

Dr Waitley received his Doctorate from La Jolla University and his Masters from United States Naval Academy. After the negative press regarding the administrative error, he resigned from the USANA board of directors. Dr Waitley is still a sought after professional speakers and speaks on the global stage with both USANA, and other top multi-national corporations.

USANA is a hot growth company to with with. However, it’s not all plane sailing. Building a business within the direct to consumer channel takes hard work, effort and consistent sales efforts. You are required to have 5 customers in any given month, they can be the same customers. As an Independent business owner, you are required to purchase 100 points of products each month. This cost depends on the market you live in however USANA Products in NZ will set you back about $51 to $60 a week to keep your business active. You can stop at any stage.

Most home business companies have small start-up investment options to help a variety of different income earning brackets.

How Much Can You Make In USANA NZ?

It was discouraging to see that the average USANA business owner gets paid only $672 annually. However, we’ve seen that these numbers are inclusive of over 500,000 Preferred Customers which have no interest in making a profit from home business activities – they just want to take the product. I’m not sure why they would group the business owners in with their customer base as it does give off a bad impression making USANA look like a not so lucrative business option.

However, in 2016. USANA NZ associates made on average $118,000 NZD full time and USANA part timers made average $38,000 NZD. Do not expect this average income to occur as soon as you become a USANA business owner. Read Here if you want to understand the income statistics.

To build a successful business in USANA or any other direct selling company. Expect to apply a substantial amount of consistent effort. 10-12 hours part-time working your home business each week is what the top performers average with the direct selling industry.

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I will be reviewing 2 other top direct selling companies in NZ in the next month. These companies have hit NZ hard and don’t look like they are slowing down.

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Dale FollandUSANA NZ Review. Things You Probably Should Know.