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So, how does a Home Based Business work exactly?

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A good question to ask yourself is ‘What does the Perfect Home Based Business look like? It’s kind of hard to know right? Will someone hold my hand and teach me? Yes. Will they test and measure my business weekly? Absolutely. Will they work around me and my life? Yes.

It takes a little bit of effort to move your focus past the ‘bugs’ and focus back on the ‘road but it’s worth it. Home Based Business in New Zealand work for several reasons, some more important that others. Firstly, focus on others. By helping others achieve what they want, you will get what you want. Our home based business creates an asset that produces a residual income (or recurring income) over time – you want this by the way and to create this asset is simple…you help improve someones life and teach them to do the same and you get a cycle of duplication. The perfect storm in business success.

Question: Are you or any of your friends who have a JOB financially where they want to be?

Then what are you waiting for? Call me now. If you carry on doing the same thing…the same result will appear year after year!

You could invest a lot of money and look at a traditional bricks and mortar type business that do not create networks, then you run the risk of trading your time for money…the same as a job, but you own it.

Do you want to know a little more about the simplicities of a home based business with modern training practices? Fill in the ‘Contact Me’ section and we’ll send you some further information. Most turn-key home based businesses are incredibly easy to run.


Because they already have a system that is proven. People love systems that are already up and running and you’ll find most home based businesses and their systems are exactly that. An easy to follow guide and step by step program to assist you daily. Home Based Businesses especially in the direct to consumer industry are designed to work for the average person and lots of home based businesses do not directly need to sell a product to a second person. Which could benefit the average person who doesn’t want to chase their neighbours down the road selling them soap. Things have advanced on from the old style home businesses. Some home based businesses companies have listened to what is effective and what isn’t and delivered workable home based business systems that are simply ‘cool’ to call your own.

Just like Apple products – You already know how to work it. I just refine your skills.

We have decades of combined experience in helping people achieve success from their home based busnesses so we know what works and more importantly we know what doesn’t. So you don’t waste your time figuring out how this all works – we’ve already done that. We compile skill sets from other home based business entrepenuers, business coaches, high profile traditional business owners and mentors and we share weekly programs, trainings, webcasts, podcasts and personal one on one sessions to advance your own home based business.

We are simply dedicated to your success – why? I get paid handsomly to ensure you create results in your home business.

This home based business is for ‘people who like helping people’, hence Robert Kyosaki’s Best Selling book ‘Business School’, a book solely based on this industry and it’s merits.

You can easily make working from home personable to you, and dealing with an individual’s needs and requirements and providing solutions creates its success. This is all planned out in our initial meeting, either on the phone or in person. Pretty simple concept really.

Please contact me through filling out our brief Ask A Question Form and submitting it or emailing me through from the contact list. Have a great day – choose your home business carefully

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Dale FollandSo, how does a Home Based Business work exactly?