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Is your Job safe?

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A recent study by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) found 46 per cent of New Zealand jobs were at risk of automation over the next two decades. That’s 885,000 jobs, in all sectors.

“I think we are doing this to ourselves, in a way,” Brougham said. “We have created this norm around not dealing with people.”

The CAANZ study found about 12 per cent of professional roles faced the chopping block. Accountancy was deemed to be high risk, and CAANZ described it as a “wake-up call” for the profession to adapt.

Have you walked into the McDonald’s recently? They have Make your own Burger kiosks. We’re already famailiar with the self serve check-outs at the Supermarket. What about self driving cars? Well, there will be 76 million vehicles on the roads in the US with some level of self-driving technology.

Ok. Optometrists? Surely not! Well, think again. There are currently iPhone Apps that test your eyes, you then choose the frame and they send you our lenses, all with 100% accuracy.


Law Society president Kathryn Beck said Artificial Intelligence was already being used in the profession to assist with basic legal precedents and research, but lawyers still needed to feed in the information, but that also might change. The thought of junior level lawyers jobs were at risk.

Lets look at NZ Post. They have recently purchased a sorting machine, no longer are hundreds and hundreds or jobs sorting the mail are needed.

If all else fails you can simple get a job as a cleaner in Auckland airport right?…oh ok wait, I’ve just seen that Auckland Airport just released dozens of cleaners…they have just purchased robots instead.


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Dale FollandIs your Job safe?