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Plan A or Plan B? You choose.

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It’s a little like in the Matrix – Blue pill or Red pill? Plan A or Plan B? Plan A lets say, is having enough passive income to get you to your annual holiday destinations (yes plural and one of mine is the image)

Plan B is working the 9 to 5 – both plans are okay by the way! But keep reading!

You have to admit. Some choose follow the norm right? Is that why the average person is just that, Average? Do you want average? Does that excite you? Being average? Do you want the Captain of your plane to be average? Or a Surgeon being average? It’s obvious right! Because you want to live and enjoy life right! Well why be average yourself. Why settle and choose Plan B?

Ask yourself, why do you allow you or your family to live an average life! Sure, you have a house, food and a trampoline but if you won Lotto, how would you spend your days? Different right! I’ve come to learn that there is enough money in the world for each person to have $10 Million Dollars each – what’s stopping you getting off your arse and snapping up your share!

Lets look at what we know so far. You’ve gone to school, received an education, found a good job (and somewhere along the line you’re in the midst of a ‘l o n g‘ 45 year career) only to retire broke. Apologies, that’s unfair as only 98% of people who operate a 9 to 5 retire broke. The other 2% are the CEO’s of Companies who have climbed the ‘Corporate Ladder’ and bloody good on them, it’s like a sperm racing to the egg, only 1 in a billion make it in! That’s admirable. High five to them!

But lets face it. We all have choices, thankfully (my choice is Plan A: BTW…check out the photo again…that’s one sexy looking Plan A)

I digress. So, back to the choices. Do you stay where you are, or do what you love? If working your job is ‘truly what you love’ then no amount of money will change you so keep it up brother, that’s awesome. If your 9 to 5 is just making ends meet, you couldn’t care less about the job as it’s paying the bills, putting food on the table with perhaps a camping holiday away with the kids at Xmas – then WAKE UP and recognise you work bloody hard to survive and you’ll have an Average ‘lets go to the park’ retirement (there’s that word again) But understand that Plan B is a poorly executed Plan A.

So why not work a little harder on adding value into the family pot by reviewing other income streams and perhaps businesses that can work alongside your Job! If you rely on one or two income streams, you will always live up to your means. Always.

At one stage, I had 4 streams of income. Two of them were okay incomes and two were pretty good. Life has it’s ups and downs, I’ve had mine and now I have only two, but I’m always thinking on how I can add more value to my life. Always. I will create a Multi-Million Dollar passive income lifestyle – it’s just that simple! I already have the business model to achieve it – email me, I like to share.

To be frank, I should already be there and that’s frustrating but as I mentioned, life has it’s challenges and I’ve had my share but I don’t allow it to define me or stop me! I work around those challenges as everyone gets them – But we can’t make money and excuses at the same time.

Choose one. Quick. Lifestyle or 9 to 5? If you chose Lifestyle…take some action! Tonight.

Exit from this blog if you’re a safe 9 to 5’er. Not being mean, but I can’t help you. However, if you chose Lifestyle then tonight, start reading personal development books or look for free wealth seminars online or in your area, check out your news feed on Facebook and start following ‘Wealth and Entrepreneurship’ pages. It’s a start right! You just might trigger something in your Cerebrum which causes a cascade of ideas and one just may prove to put you on a path to financial independence.

I mean, really. You either watch TV in the evening and give yourself and your family the average lifestyle because you’re ‘tired and you can’t’ – or you give yourself a big enough reason to do it, then you’ll be able to sit back on that sun bed in the photo with your loved one and high five each other because you damn well made Plan A a reality, because you’re not the type to settle on Plan B.

The choice is yours. I’ll see you at the top…or more than likely, at the bottom on that sun bed!

Dale Folland. Your Home Business Solution

Dale FollandPlan A or Plan B? You choose.

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